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Meteo Asteroid Field

Into the Asteroid Field[edit]

This level consists of an asteroid belt and is on the easy game path. Go straight ahead, avoiding crashing into any asteroids (you can, however, shoot them to earn points). Simply continue on ahead in order to defeat the boss (Meteo Crusher) and advance to Fortuna. To go to Katina instead, you must fly through all of the warp rings (they look like Checkpoint loops without the word "checkpoint") that are present near the end of the level. If you do go through all of the warp rings, then you must handle a short, bizarrely colored "warp" area. You need 200 points to earn a medal here.

If you do not go through the warps, then defeat the Meteo Crusher. Shoot at the yellow triangles revealed by the spinning shield until the shield comes off, being careful to avoid the green laser it sends back at you (and the shield when it comes off). After this, the Meteo Crusher will charge up a green laser and fire it at you. Hide off on one side to avoid it, then shoot the yellow diamond in the center. Keep hiding then shooting until the diamond is gone. When the Meteo Crusher flips over, shoot the yellow rectangles. Avoid the circle-shaped lasers by doing a flip or using the boost. You can also fly into a corner and barrel roll.