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Sector Z Combat Zone

The Ambush of Great Fox[edit]

During the cutscene before playing on the level, Great Fox is seen flying through a field of space junk, a few enemy ships appear and open fire on Great Fox, Fox suggests that Star Fox go out and "take care of them" and out they go.

So what seems like something simple turns into something hard as many other ships start to appear and open fire on you, your wingman will complain and ask you to take care of them you should try to keep them alive as you are near Venom.Eventually ROB 64 says that 6 missiles are flying towards Great Fox, ROB 64 will tell you when a group of missiles are approaching. You will then have about 20 seconds to destroy the missiles. Destroying the missiles is simple just shoot them until the explode for HIT+10, if one of your wingmen destroy one you get nothing. Keep destroy them until ROB 64 tells you.

If you let a missile hit Great Fox it will completely destroy a wing and you will "pass" the mission but proceed to Bolse, if you protect Great fox then you will move onto Area 6.

100 kills are required for the medal