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Zoness Toxic Waste Area

Invasion Aftermath[edit]

After you clear Aquas, you automatically get sent here.

It is another regular level. Don't fly too low, or your arwing will run into debris from the invasion. After the first stretch, you will start to see spotlights. Take them all out, or Fox will respond with "Uh-oh, have we been spotted?" and the lights will turn red. Just before the checkpoint, Katt will help you take out the spotlights. The boxes on the cargo ships sometimes hold rings. Just past the cargo ships, you will spot the pirate submarine, and Slippy will respond with "Something's coming from the sea."

His armor's tough, so bombs are mandatory. Thankfully, the ammo he shoots at you can be destroyed to earn more bombs. This can also be used to collect the max amount of bombs to help in the later levels. The submarine has three attacks: firing cannon balls at you (the ones you get bombs from), launching barrels, and flinging a spiked ball. When the ball starts to rise, dodge to a side.

Start by taking out the exhaust pipes. Next, bomb his sides. After you take out one of the sides, he will lower the crane. Take it out fast to keep him from regaining the side. After you take out the other side, you can start damaging the submarine with lasers and bombs.

If you take out all the spotlights, you move onto the very hard Sector Z. If not, you move onto Macbeth.

Mission Completed!

250 hits are required to get the medal.