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Fortuna Former Defense Post

Enter Starwolf[edit]

Fortuna is another easy level. This level is all-range, meaning you fly all around the playing area the entire time instead of just scrolling ahead. Here you shoot down the simple enemies for a while; then, the four-man Star Wolf team shows up. Midway through this battle, it is revealed that there is a bomb within the base; you now must defeat all members of the Star Wolf team within a time limit so Fox can take care of the bomb. Destroy enemies and earn 50 points to gain a medal.

Star Wolf can be difficult for a beginner. Do turns while holding down the Z button or L button button until you see one of the team members, continue to shoot them until you cannot do so anymore, then repeat. If a laser comes past you, do a loop. Star Wolf are not damaged by bombs.

If you beat Star Wolf, you move onto Solar. If not, then it's onto Sector X.