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Bolse Defense Outpost

The Last Hurrah[edit]

Bolse is a satellite near the planet of Venom, you start off caught in its rotational orbit, there are 6 tall pillar like energy towers, simply destroy them, you are being protected by your wingmen so you will more than likely not get attacked, as soon as you destroy all 6 towers a field will disappear and a whole swarm of enemy ships will come out, this is when you will start to be attacked,you are in All range mode so the battle should be quite easy.

Now if you skipped the snow planet of Fortuna then Star Wolf will arrive and you will not only have to take out the regular ships but take out Star Wolf as well,make sure you take then out quickly and try to save your wingmen as soon as they get in strife. If you did face them on Fortuna then they will not appear,but if you failed Fortuna you fight any remaining Star Wolf pilots, then you can take out the normal units, after a while a core will emerge from where the units emerged, on that core are little shiny blocks, you have to destroy all of these before you can move on to Venom.

150 kills are required for the medal.