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  • Fox: You play as the main star of the Arwing team. Aside from flying the arwing, you drive the tank on a few planets and also go underwater with the submarine.
  • Falco: Your sidekick will help you in taking down enemies and can be a tough companion, because he will always prefer to fly his arwing more than any other vehicle.
  • Slippy: Your mechanic and pilot will help you in the mission and can sometimes get himself into trouble. You'll need him if you want to know how a boss' health bar would decrease.
  • Peppy: Your other pilot will give you useful info especially in taking down bosses.

Other characters[edit]

  • Bill: Your friend who needs help in Katina. If you succeed in the mission, whatever planet you go to next, he'll repay the favor.
  • James McCloud: If you choose to go through Venom on hard (by going through Area 6) and you defeat the true Andross in both normal and all range mode, the only chance you meet him is when you escape the boss' lair.
  • Katt: Falco's love interest that appears in Zoness. Like Bill, if you succeed in this mission, she'll repay the favor.
  • General Pepper: Fox's boss