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Sector X Combat Zone

The Mystery of the Space Base[edit]

This level is fairly easy. Simply kill the enemies -for the larger groups, use a bomb - until you get past the wreckage of the base. Peppy will be chased after one of the robot arms blasts through the wall, so be prepared to cover him. When you reach the split midway through the level, go to the right if you want to go to Titania or Macbeth, but to the left if you want to go to Sector Z. Going to the right is easier, and by doing so you will end up facing Spyborg, but Peppy will be tailed a second time so be prepared to defend him again. If you go to the left, use the boost/brake in order to get through the walls when they open, and begin shooting the rectangular panel when you get past these walls to where many enemies from the sides are shooting at you. If you arrived on Sector X from the level Katina, then Bill will appear and help you. Fly through the panel once it has opened. Continue doing this with every panel you see; if you do it correctly, you will enter a warp area similar to Meteo's, but if you did not, then you will have to face Spyborg and head to Macbeth or Titania. You need to defeat 150 enemy units to win a medal on Sector X.

Spyborg is a large robot. His attacks are fairly easy to avoid at first, just fly into an upper corner. Shoot at the yellow eyes until he explodes, at which point the shield meter will be half empty. Spyborg will then come back to life - angry - and will try to slap you. If you want to avoid Titania or get the medal, shoot at where Spyborg's head used to be as fast as you can. If you want to take on Titania and you don't care about the medal, you can allow Spyborg to slap Slippy first, before you destroy him.