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Gold Medal strategy[edit]

  • Difficulty: 4/10 or 9/10. This is a mission some have no trouble with, while others think it's impossible.
  • Recommended Craft: X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

There isn't a whole lot to say about the first part of this level, since it's just one huge dogfight. Keep your wings in formation and immediately turn around at the mission start to head for the fighters. Kill as many as you can. Eventually that annoying lady from the medical frigate will gripe at you. Send off your wings after the fighters. Dogfight until the TIE Bombers show up. Take out as many as you can on the first run, and follow up by taking out some more. Then just go back to dogfighting whoever you see. When Lando (or a bad voice impersonation of Lando) says the frigate isn't going to last much longer, go kill the TIE Bombers.

On the second part, close your S-Foils and head after the Star Destroyer. Keep your wings in formation. Wait until the large squadron of fighters passes under you, then tell your wings to go engage them. Open your S-Foils when you get in range and make a run on the first generator. Don't slow down though. Fly over the generator to the back of the ship, get a fair distance away, and turn around. Hold in the brake and kill both generators. The Star Destroy is so focused on everything else he probably won't even fire back. Dive straight down, then come up for the last generator. Swing back around to the bridge and destroy it.

Your shields probably aren't in the greatest of shape here, but your allowed one death. Head off to the second Star Destroyer and use the same strategy. I guess he learns from how easily you took out his pal because his guns will be focused more on you. Follow the same strategy for this ship as well. When it goes down, you should have time to fight a couple of TIE Interceptor Squadrons before the mission ends. Use seeker torpedoes on them if you have any left.

Scott Demarest recommends you take the Y-Wing for this mission:

In the beginning immediately turn around and keep your wings in formation. Once the fighters appear tell your wings to engage them. The Y-Wing can take massive damage so there is almost no chance of dying yet. You can even take repeated hits from Darth Bob and maintain green shield strength (besides, you'll be taking pretty wide turns anyway, so Bob shouldn't be a problem). Just fly behind all the TIEs and take out as many as you can. Since the Y-Wings shoot straight linked fire you'll have some accurate shots. You'd be surprised how many fighters you can take out in one pass. Once the frigate lady starts up fly over and continue to fire and cover it. Once the bombers come fly behind them and take out as many of them as possible. Then just engage whatever flies in front of you. Once Lando informs you that the frigate won't last much longer take out the rest of the bombers.

Skip the cut scene and go full speed toward the ISDs (yes it takes a while). Once the fighters pass you, send your wings to engage them. Go to the left ISD and take out the bottom generator. Fly underneath the right ISD and take out that bottom generator as well. Now fly back toward the left ISD and take out its right-top generator. Once it's gone make a strafing run against some turrets (you can use some proton bombs if you want). Fly behind it, turn around and take out the remaining generator. Now that the left ISD has no generators left, leave it and go take out the right ISD's left top generator. Now fly behind it, turn around and take out the remaining generator. While your passing over the ISD take out some turrets. Now get some distance, turn around, and using lasers take out the bridge. Now take out the bridge of the left ISD. With both ISDs dead take cover behind Home 1. Feel free to engage fighters if your shields are still healthy. But keep far far distance from the Star Destroyers and only shoot if you have a clear shot.

By doing this I easily reached the Gold Medal requirements and lost no lives. You just have to be careful and monitor the D-pad icon. While attacking the ISDs you want to hit repair as soon as it appears.

Alan Sentman ( has an alternate Strategy:

I found I was consistently short on kills for this mission, and when I had enough kills, I'd mess up some other aspect. I finally solved the kill problem by taking out the 6 turbolasers on the bridge of the two star destroyers. This is advantageous in two ways. First they make nice easy kills, and you can hit them first, and easily switch aim over to the shield generators after only a few shots. Second, I found your lasers tend to auto aim over to them, so you shoot straighter, especially at the bridge, if you take them out. Between the two Star Destroyers, that's 12 extra kills from the bridge turbolasers, without wasting much time, so if someone's finding themselves 10 kills short, as I was, this should help greatly.

ProtoDude ( again shares his insight:

Turn around as soon as the mission starts. Speed ahead and engage the middle diamond of Interceptors. Take out at least four of them then turn and engage the Fighters that came from the right side when you're facing the ISD fleet. Fighters seem easier to kill. When you hear the annoying lady scream for help head over to the medical frigate and blast TIEs. Stay by the frigate for the majority of the first segment, as most of the TIEs are concentrating on destroying it. When the bombers arrive get to the side of them. If you head straight at them all of them will lock on to you and you'll have about 100 missiles on your tail which will destroy you instantly. Take out the majority of the bombers but not all. If their are any Fighters or Interceptors left destroy most of them before taking out the last few bombers. Don't die in this part. Once the second segment starts speed ahead to the left ISD. Take out as many TIEs as possible while still going straight. Go under the ISD and destroy the reactor. Get a ways behind the ISD then turn around and destroy both generators. Use torps as needed. When that's done crash into the right ISD's bridge to destroy it. Now blast the left ones bridge with 1 or 2 torps. Go straight after fighters immediately. The mission ends soon so rack up some kills. Use all your remaining torps to do so.

Gold Medal Requirements[edit]

  • Time: 10:00
  • Enemies: 60
  • Accuracy: 31%
  • Friendlies Lost: 6
  • Lives Lost: 1
  • Targeting Computer Efficiency: 80%

Accuracy Boosters[edit]

  • The only one I could think of are the Turbolasers, but you don't have much time to spare. The shield generators should provide enough accuracy.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • If you attack the left destroyer first, it seems to fire at you a lot less.
  • Attack the left generator of that destroyer to the other one can't fire at you.