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Gold Medal strategy[edit]

  • Difficulty: 4/10
  • Recommended Craft: X-Wing, Naboo Starfighter

It's best if you come back and get the gold after you have the X-Wing. You don't need the speed here, and the X-Wing is much more durable. Making that requirement where you can't die a lot easier.

Start off the mission by heading for the balloon straight ahead. Come underneath it and shoot the gas tanks, causing the whole balloon to explode. Not only does it look very cool, it kills every gun on the thing instantly. Do this for every balloon.

Next turn your attention to the two TIE Interceptors hovering about. Use 1 seeker torpedo on each. Move onto the next group of platforms, and tell your wings to go after fighters. Take out the 2 balloons in this area. Wait around until the tanker gets a fair distance from the platform, then destroy it. If it explodes too soon it will take a lot of tanks with it.

Move on to the last group of platforms, and take out all 4 balloons near them. You can dogfight now, but it's not necessary and will probably just reduce your accuracy.

After the cutscene you'll be in the city itself. Tell your wings to engage the fighters. Follow your objective to each generator, but take out every balloon you can on the way to each one. Hopefully when you've destroyed all 3 generators, there won't be a single balloon hovering above. You can also switch to the cloud car in this area, but its best to stay in the X-Wing unless your shields are critical.

When all 3 generators are destroyed, head for your objective again. Tell your wings to form up. Destroy the last 2 balloons in the level. Gain altitude, and take out the TIE Bombers with your seeker torpedoes. There's usually a squad or 2 of TIE Interceptors hovering around here, but destroying them is completely optional. Keep killing Bombers until the mission is complete.

Gold Medal Requirements[edit]

  • Time: 6:40
  • Enemies: 110
  • Accuracy: 65%
  • Friendlies Lost: 29
  • Lives Lost: 0
  • Targeting Computer Efficiency: 72%

Accuracy Boosters[edit]

  • The turrets in and around Cloud City can improve kills as well as take plenty of hits. They shouldn't be necessary though.
  • Use seekers on TIEs instead of lasers.
  • You can kill each individual turret on the balloons, but it is time consuming and dangerous.
  • The tanker can take quite a few lasers.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • Shoot the fuel tanks on the balloons for easy kills.
  • It's not necessary to dogfight, save the 2 in the beginning and bombers at the end.
  • The Cloud Car is there if your probably going to die.