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  • B button: Press the B button to initiate the launch of the clay pigeon.
  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control the position of the cross-hairs on the screen.
  • A button: Press the A button to fire your rifle in the direction of the cross-hairs.


Track & Field II Clay Pidgeon Shooting.png

In this event, you must successfully shoot as many clay pigeons as possible. You are given 40 attempts, with ten pigeons divided among four sets.

When you are ready, press B button to launch the next pigeon into the air. The angle of the pigeon is determined at random, so you cannot precisely predict the trajectory it will start with.

Use the direction pad to move the on-screen cross-hairs into position, and press A button to pull the trigger on your rifle. If the pigeon resides within the cross-hairs when you shoot, the pigeon will be destroyed. You get two bullets per pigeon, so if you miss with the first bullet, you still have another opportunity to fire upon it before it falls in the distance.


  • The cross-hairs move horizontally much more quickly than they do vertically. Try to restrict the motion of the cross-hairs to moving left and right, and only move up and down if necessary. The cross-hairs return to the same position at the start of each shot.
  • Watch the motion of the pigeon as soon as you fire it. Do not try to position the cross-hairs where the pigeon is at the moment, but rather where you believe it is going to be. Wait for the pigeon to reach that location, and then fire when it does.
  • The pigeons are more visible, and therefore easier to hit, when they are closer to the shooter. However, although they get smaller as they get farther, their relative motion on the screen slows down, making them slightly easier to predict.