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  • A button: Tap the A button to maintain a high level of power and rotational speed..
  • B button: Press the B button to perform various moves as you rotate around the bar.
  • Up dpad: Press and hold up on the direction pad to help stick your landing when you dismount.


Track & Field II High Bar.png

The Horizontal Bar event starts automatically. Once you jump up to the bar, you will begin to rotate around it. Continuously tap A button to build up your power meter. The higher your power meter, the faster you will rotate, and you will gain access to more sophisticated moves.

As you rotate around the bar, the name of a move will be visible at the bottom of the screen. Press B button when you would like to perform the move that is shown. Once again, there is a correlation between your swing power and the complexity of the move that is available to you. You earn more points for performing more complex moves.

To succeed at this event, you must earn enough points to meet or exceed the qualifying score. In addition to earning points by performing moves, you will also earn more points if you stick the landing when you dismount. To do this, press and hold Up dpad when you land.


  • Your power meter is reset after you perform each move, so be sure to take some time to build it back up before performing another move.
  • It is better to wait until you build up your power meter to perform a move. However, you only have so much time to perform moves in, so be sure to perform as many as you can, even if it means performing a move at a lower power level.