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  • A button: Tap the A button to run and build up speed.
  • B button: Press and hold the B button to initiate your vault by planting the pole in the box, and release B when you are ready to let go of the pole.


Track & Field II Pole Vault.png

You have three tries to clear the bar at a particular height. If you succeed in vaulting over the bar, the bar height rises, and you start over at the first try. Your attempt will be disqualified if you fail to plant the pole in the box while running, or you knock your athlete's body into the bar.

Before you start, you are given the opportunity to set the height of the bar anywhere between 4.5 and 6 meters. You may start the bar off below the qualifying height if you like, but you will not succeed at this event until you clear a bar that's at or above the qualifying height.

After the height of the bar has been selected, start your attempt by tapping A button as rapidly as possible to build up speed. The camera view will switch to looking at the end of the pole. When the blue end of the pole is over the box on the track, press and hold B button to plant the pole into the box. The athlete will begin to rise. When the pole is near vertical, release B button to let go of the pole and sail over the bar.


  • The faster you are travelling, the greater chance you will have of clearing the bar when you let go of the pole. Continue tapping A button even after you've begun to plant the pole in order to maintain a high level of speed as you rise over the bar.
  • Don't let go of the pole too soon, or you will not clear the bar. Likewise, don't hold on to B button for too long or you will receive a foul for failing to let go of the pole.