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  • HP: 22,000
  • Weaknesses: Dark, Earth
  • Absorption: Wind
  • Immunity: Light

This battle has four parts. Stat boosts and sabers need to be recast, and stat boosting items and claws used again, after each part. Cast Diamond Saber or use a Molebear Claw on anyone who will be physically attacking in this fight, and set the AI to use level 1 techs. Cast Mind Up or use a Sahagin's scale on everyone, and cast Power Up or use a Drake's scale on any physical attackers. Use any Stat downs that you have, with the exception of Thunder Jutsu.

  • Hawk, Duran, Kevin, Lise: Physically attack and use level 1 techs after being sabered.
  • Angela: spam Earthquake, Dark Force, or Stone Cloud
  • Carlie: spam summons when not healing