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Basic Items[edit]

Item Name Effect
Dreamsee Herb Switches between day and night.
Magical Rope Returns to entrance of cave/dungeon.
Pakkun Chocolate Restores 300 HP.
Puipui Grass Heals status ailments.
Round Drop Restores 100 HP.
Stardust Herb Clears all magic effects.
Angel's Grail Revives an ally.
Honey Drink Fully restores HP.
Magic Walnut Restores 20 MP.

Throw-able Items[edit]

Item Name Effect
Dart Damages one enemy.
Hand Axe Damages one enemy.
Pumpkin Bomb Damages one enemy, and restores MP.
Shuriken Damages one enemy.

Magic Casting Item[edit]

Item Name Effect
Assassineye Poison bubble (single enemy)
Basilisk's Fang Stone cloud (single enemy)
Battum's Eye Mind down (single enemy)
Bearclaw Stone saber (single enemy)
Bee's Eye Protect down (single enemy)
Bird's Scale Speed up (single ally)
Bulette's Scale Protect up (single ally)
Carmilla's Claw Moon saber (single ally)
Crawler's Claw Leaf saber (single ally)
Darkness Coin Evil gate (single/all enemies)
Demon's Claw Dark saber (single ally)
Dragon Fang Cold blaze (single enemy)
Drake's Scale Power up (single ally)
Dryad Icon TransShape (single ally)
Earth Coin Diamond Missile (single/all enemies)
Fire Lizard's Fang Blaze wall (single enemy)
Flame Coin Fireball (single/all enemies)
Ghost's Eye Death spell (single enemy)
Gnome Icon Earthquake (single enemy)
Grell Oil Aura wave (single enemy)
Harpy's Fang Stun wind (single enemy)
Ice Coin Ice smash (single/all enemies)
Imp Eye Body change (single enemy)
Kerberos' Claw Flame saber (single ally)
Light Coin Holy ball (single/all enemies)
Lumina Icon Saint beam (single enemy)
Luna Icon Half vanish (single enemy)
Mama Poto Oil Tinkle rain (single/all allies)
Matango Oil Counter magic (single ally)
Molebear's Claw Diamond saber (single ally)
Moon Coin Lunatic (single enemy)
Myconid's Eye Sleep flower (single enemy)
Needlion's Eye Speed down (single enemy)
Pakkun Oil Magic shield (single ally)
Papa Poto's Claw Saint saber (single ally)
Porobin Oil Life booster (single ally)
Poseidon's Claw Ice saber (single ally)
Poto Oil Heal light (single/all allies)
Sahagin's Scale Mind up (single ally)
Salamando Icon Explode (single enemy)
Shade Icon Dark force (single enemy)
Shadowzero's Eye Black curse (single enemy)
Siren's Claw Thunder saber (single ally)
Slime's Eye Power down (single enemy)
Specter's Eye Anti-magic (single enemy)
Storm Coin Air blast (single/all enemies)
Sylphid Icon Thunderstorm (single enemy)
Undine Icon Mega splash (single enemy)
Wolf Devil Oil Energy ball (single ally)

Class Change Items[edit]

Item Name Class Effect
Arcane Book Grand Devina
Bad Luck Die Rogue
Book of Secrets Archmage
Book of Runes Rune Master
Bottle of Ashes Necromancer
Bottle of Blood Evil Shaman
Bottle of Salt Sage
Briesingamen Vanadis
Bullseye Die Ninja Master
Death Wolf Soul Death Hand
Demon Wolf Soul Dervish
Duelist's Proof Duelist
Forbidden book Magus
Gleipnir Fenrir Knight
Gold Wolf Soul God Hand
Good Luck Die Wanderer
Holy Water Vial Bishop
KnightDrgn Chain Dragon Master
Lord's Proof Lord
Master's Proof Sword Master
MorningStarChain Star Lancer
Nighteye Die Nightblade
Paladin's Proof Paladin
Silver Wolf Soul Warrior Monk


Item Name Effect
Item Seed Can be planted at the inn for a basic recovery item.
Flying Item Seed Can be planted at the inn for a throw-able item.
Magic Seed Can be planted at the inn for a magic casting item.
Mysterious Seed Can be planted at the inn for a more powerful recovery item.
Weapon/Armor Seed Can be planted at the inn for a powerful weapon or armor.
??? Seed Can be planted at the inn for a class change item.

To reset the random number that determines what item will emerge from the seed, it is necessary to fight an enemy, save at a save point, and then reload this save as normal. Reloading a save state will not reset this number.

The random number appears to be determined when the game is loaded based on your current XP total. Since there are six possible items you can collect to change class for any 3-character party, you can manipulate this value by changing your XP total by different amounts. Note that changing your XP by a multiple of six (i.e. by killing an enemy that gives 6, 12, or 24 xp, etc.) will ensure that you get the same item.

Key Items[edit]

Item Name Effect
Chibikko Hammer Toggles miniature status of allies.
Gunpowder Given to first cannon travel operator.
Illusion Mirror Used to reveal the Mirage Palace.
Moogle Badge Toggles moogle status of allies.
Pihyara Flute Summons the turtle at beaches.
Wind Drum Summons Flammie.