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  • HP: 10932
  • Weakness: Darkness
  • Absorption: Light

This fight is pretty hard, so you have to be on level 35-40. Use a Dark saber, Carmilla claw or Grell oil (you can find carmilla claw in the moon reading tower by beating carmillas and you can also find it from Swordmaster too. you can find grell oil in the ancient ruins of light by beating grells ) on all of your party or you'll do only 1 HP damage. Cast Mind Up or use a Sahagin's scale on everyone, and cast Power Up or use a Drake's scale on any physical attackers. Use any Stat downs that you have.

  • Hawk, Duran, Kevin, Lise: Physically attack and use level 1 techs after being sabered.
  • Angela: Use Evil gate and Dark Force
  • Carlie: Use summons when not healing