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Before you go down the path, be prepared with many Magic Walnuts, Angel's Grails, and Round Drops. You will need them later. Go down and you will see a Sahagin. It shouldn't be too hard if you are at least level 18 or so. This route is perfect for leveling up, so fight monsters for at least five minutes before going on. After you become strong enough, go left and you will have to fight two more Sahagins. Keep going left, because the path downward is a trap. In the next screen you will see three creatures. Go left again and you will see a tree that looks like a Christmas tree. Below it is a rather hidden path. Go down. You will have a choice of whether to go left or right. The second option is yet another trap, so go left. Keep going left. You will be trapped and have to fight three monsters. After you beat them, a path opens down. Go down, then left and up and you will see a silver goddess statue. Save at it if you wish, and go up. Go left across the bridge then up. The kingdom of Altena to the left is closed, so go right. Go down and kill all enemies. A path down opens up. Go down. Go to the right to find a gold statue.

Get ready for a boss fight. If you have Kevin, make sure it is night. Go left two screens to find the Darkshine knight, who tells you of his plans for the future. Next you will fight three machine golems. They use Earthquake and Merry Splash. Earthquake can do a lot of damage, but they only use it two or three times. But you should still keep your HP above 100 at all times. Air blast is very effective against them, so use it often. They are completely immune to ground attacks, so don't even try diamond missile. It will take a while, but eventually they will die. Obey the fairy's instructions and go left. The fairy tells you a short story and you receive Undine's powers.

Next, if you are at a high enough level (18), you can change class. After you do so, go out and see how much easier creatures are to defeat. Once you're satisfied smashing enemies into the ground with your new Level 2 Techs and your improved attributes, head back to the shore west of Elrand and hitch a ride on Booskaboo to the desert (the glowing dot in the lower right corner of your map).