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  • HP: 14000
  • Weakness: Fire
  • Absorption: Water

Cast Flame Saber or use a Kerberos Claw and then use Strength Up or a Drake's Scale on any physical attackers. Use Mid Up or Sahagin's scales on the whole team. Use any stat-downs that you have. Fiegmund can become invulnerable to all physical attacks for a period of time. He also casts Mind Up on himself when his HP is below 25%, but it can be reversed with Mind Down.

  • Duran, Kevin: Attack physically and use level 1 techs
  • Hawk, Lise: Same as Duran and Kevin while Fiegmund can be hit by physicals. When he is intangible, Hawk should attack with Fire Jutsu if he went dark and Rock Launcher if he is a Rogue. Lise should use summons when he is intangible if she is in one of her final classes.
  • Angela: Cast Fireball, Explode, or Blaze Wall.
  • Carlie: Cast summons when not healing.