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World of Pirates
Box artwork for World of Pirates.
Release date(s)
Genre(s)RTS, Fighting
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World of Pirates is a MMOG set in the Caribbean in the 17th Century. The game features open ended play, trading, exploration, town taking, clans, PvE and PvP. There are 5 nations you can belong to; Spain, England, France, Holland and Portugal. If you lose enough reputation with your nation you will become a pirate. The 4 skills in the game are Navigation, Weapon Skill, Fencing Skill and Trading. There are 10 different types of specialists that can give you bonuses, they include the Mate, Medic, Carpenter, Cannoneer, Merchant, Soldier, Fisher, Cook, Lookout and 1st Officer.

The vast game map is an accurate representation of the Caribbean. You can take jobs from your nations governor to gain reputation and gold. Build your choice of 9 different ship types and upgrade them for more speed, crew or cannons.

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