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Teams offer some advantages against single players. There are several bonuses and it is only possible to run the governor away from the city when a team attacks the city. The bonuses depend on the team level:

Team Bonuses
Team Level Bonus
1 Common ship attack (Team members can board NPC/Player ships with you to add more crew)
2 +5% Reputation points by own nation
3 +5% Booty gold
4 +5% Fire power
5 +5% Less ship condition damage by hostile fire
6 +5% Less cannon damage by hostile fire
7 +5% Less crew loss by hostile fire
8 +5% Less crew loss during team sword fight
9 Everything increased to 10%
10 +20% Less damage by fort fire
11 +20% Fire power during city attack
12 Common city attack (Team members can board the city with you to add more crew)
13 Clan Foundation

If you want to join a team enter the name of the team and click "Join team". The team leader can also invite you.

If you want to create a team by yourself simply click on "Create team". It is not needed to type a team name for creation. Keep in mind that you will only get benefits of the bonuses if there are at least 2 members in the team.

If you are in a team you will see the current team status and a list of all members. If you are the team leader you can invite new members. If you don't want to play in a team, click "Leave team" and then you can play on your own. Players from any nations can participate in any teams.