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With this tool you have access to several options, some of them can't be changed after the client has started.

  • Language - select your language. English and German are supported.
  • Interface - you can choose between DirectX 8 and DirectX 9.
  • Graphic card - if you have more than one graphic card you can select which one should be used.
  • Rendering - hardware rendering is fast but will not be supported by all graphic cards. Software rendering is very slow and should only be used in case of problems.
  • Resolution - select your resolution, color depth and display refresh speed. (Use the highest resolution possible to see ships further)
  • Color Depth & Refresh Rate - Here you can set the refresh rate and color depth at 16 or 32 bit.

By pressing the button "Advanced options" you can change some advanced options:

  • Dynamic Loading In game - graphics and sound will be loaded only when it is needed. Some important graphics like ships or terrain can be loaded when the client starts because they can affect the game flow when they will be loaded during the game.
  • Run client in windowed mode - If this option is checked the client will not be executed in full screen mode. You can also toggle between windowed mode and full screen by pressing F12 in the game.
  • Window always in foreground - If you use some programs which are locked in foreground like music or chat tools, it may occur that these programs overlap the client window. To prevent such overlaps you can select to run the client always in foreground mode.
  • Use graphical WOP mouse pointer - The default Windows mouse pointer will be replaced by WOP with a graphical mouse pointer. But if you want to use the default Windows mouse pointer instead of the WOP mouse pointer then deactivate this option.
  • Activate sound card - You can deactivate the sound card completely, in this case the sound files will not be loaded. If you experience problems with the sound the deactivation of this option can help to run the client.
  • Duplicate sound effects - To play multiple effects like cannon shots at the same time it is necessary to duplicate the effects. This will consume more calculating power and can be disabled in case if the game performance is too low.
  • Enable map zoom 1x and 2x - The minimap can be zoomed in several levels. But since the 1x and 2x map zoom needs a lot computing time these levels are disabled. You can activate these levels if your system provides enough power.
  • Personal Folder - The personal folder will store screenshots, settings, etc and will not be removed during uninstall if it is located outside of the WoP installation directory.
  • Updater-HTTP-Proxy - The updater uses the same http connection to check the version as your browser does. If you have installed a proxy for your browser then you can do this for the updater too.
  • Allow client to start without Updater - Usually the client will be always started with the updater and an error message will appear if the client was started without the updater. But since some problems may occur in special cases it is possible with this option to start the client without the updater.
  • Undo last update - If you experience problems with the latest update like broken files etc. you can undo the last update to download it again.
  • Send system configuration to server - Some information about your system will be identified and sent to the server by the client to help support in case of problems. The information contains used processor, available RAM, type of graphic and sound card and also used operating system version as well as DirectX version. If you do not want this information to be sent to the server disable this option.
  • Enable logfile - When you first start the client you will be asked if the log file should be activated. If you experience problems during playing you can send the logfile to the support to ease the failure finding process. But you can also disable the logfile if you don't have problems while playing.