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Your specialists gain 1 loyalty point every 10 sea miles, or every 30 seconds out at sea. Whichever comes first.


Increases your navigation skill and the speed of your fleet. Can force a minimum speed. Prevents wind caused drifting. This skill is not cumulative, but you may have one mate at 1.8 speed bonus, another mate at 4.8 min speed and a third mate with +7 nav skill.

Best Mates
Keep your eyes open for a mate with 2 of the 3 max skills. Mates with 1.8 AND 4.8 do exist


  • adds up to 7 points to navigation skill (not cumulative)
  • speed bonus of up to 1.8 knots (not cumulative)
  • increased min speed of up to 4.8 knots (not cumulative)


Lets you regain condition faster after fencing.


  • max 4.9 (not cumulative)


Can use wood and cloth to repair your ship. Ship must travel at half speed or stop. It must not be in fighting mode (cannons or fencing). You can only repair within the damage range and ship class of your carpenters (cumulative).


  • 30%
  • 94%
  • ship class 9
  • 9.9 speed (cumulative)

Repair damages from low as 30 % up to 94 % with a certain speed (up to 9.9). The more carpenters you have, the bigger and faster are the single steps of reparation.


Increases weapon skill and sometimes fencing skill. Increases the canon range and firepower. This skill is not cumulative, but you may have one cannoneer at 198 range, another cannoneer at 19 firepower, a third cannoneer with +7 weapon skill and a fourth cannoneer with +5 fence skill.

Best Cannoneers
Try to find a Cannoneer with 198 range AND 19 firepower. This will save you 1 specialist slot


  • adds up to 7 points to weapon skill
  • adds up to 5 points to fencing skill
  • increases canon range up to 198
  • increases firepower up to 19

(all values not cumulative)


Increases trading skill and thereby allows you higher selling prices for ships (in the shipyard). Has no influence to prices of goods (sadly but true).


  • adds up to 7 points to trading skill (not cumulative)


Increases fighting skill, sometimes weapon skill as well. Increases crew moral when boarding ships. Decreases likelihood that prisoners may escape.


  • adds up to 7 points to fencing skill
  • adds up to 5 points to weapon skill
  • increases crew moral by up to 4.9

(all values not cumulative)


Fishes and produces food while on sea.


  • Fishing without sailing: max 14
  • Fishing at half sails: max 9
  • Fishing at full sails: max 4 (best to choose)

(all values cumulative)

On the crew screen you can specify how many units of food you want your fishers to gather at maximum. Usually setting this limit at about 10 is sufficient to keep your cargo space free and crew fed.


Increases crew moral while on sea (cumulative)


  • max 4.9

Can increase crew moral on sea by up to 4.9 points. The more crew, the more cooks you need.


Best Lookout
Its pretty rare, but Lookouts with both visibility and ID at 990 are out there

Increases visibility and capability of identifying other ships.


  • Increases visibility up to 990 (not cumulative).
  • Increases identification range up to 990 (not cumulative).

1st Officer[edit]

Allows you to repel an enemy who is trying to board you (fencing)


  • Ship Class equal to that of flagship to be most effective. 50% reduction of effectiveness in other flagship (above fluyt)
  • Ship must be damaged this much to be boarded
    • 90% - No 1st Officer
    • 80% - Bad
    • 70% - Moderate
    • 60% - Good
    • 50% - Very Good
    • 40% - Excellent

You may have only one 1st officer. So it is wise to choose a 1st officer that is of the same ship class as the one you will prefer to sail.