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Adventure of Link Zelda.png

Princess Zelda lies asleep in the North Palace, unable to awaken from a spell cast upon her by a wizard who seeks to resurrect the evil Ganon and enslave the Hylians. Only the combined power of the Triforce can break the spell. With the Triforces of Power and Wisdom in hand, only the Triforce of Courage needs to be reclaimed, and one can only do that by unlocking the seal of the Great Palace far far away. In order to unlock the seal, six crystals must be placed in their individual holders in six other palaces. Will anyone be able to rescue Zelda from her demise?


Adventure of Link Wizard.png

As Link travels across Hyrule, he may find wise old magicians that reside in each town. Sometimes, he will be able to seek their counsel just by visiting their home, and other times Link must first help a lady in distress before he can gain an audience with them. No matter what is asked of him, Link would do well to help out the members of each town, for the knowledge that the Wizards can pass on to Link is indispensable. Each Wizard knows a particular spell that can be imparted to Link. They will surely come in handy and in many cases, they enable Link to extend the range of his quest or survive terrifying encounters.


Adventure of Link Soldier1.png
Adventure of Link Soldier2.png

Wizards aren't the only citizens of Hyrule that can teach Link a thing or two. There are two particular Soldiers who were once members of the elite Hyrulean royal guard that are hidden away in two of the towns. These Soldiers are past their prime, but their years of experience have turned them into valuable instructors. By finding them and seeking their tutelage, Link can expand his knowledge of swords and learn how to perform upward and downward thrusts. These moves not only enable Link to attack his foes from two new directions, they also provide him with the ability to open new pathways when Link is in possession of the Power Glove Adventure of Link Power Glove.png.


Adventure of Link Life Healer.png
Adventure of Link Magic Healer.png

No matter where Link travels in Hyrule, as long as the towns he visits are bustling with people, he will always be able to find two particular healers. One healer is a young woman who can help Link replenish his health. The other healer is an older woman who can help Link restore his lost magic power. These women always exit their homes and pace back in forth in front, looking to aid those in need. They ask for nothing in return for their services, and Link should take advantage of their generosity; it is indeed rare to come by.


Besides the citizens of the towns highlighted above, there are a great many more citizens who can be found in and out of their homes in many towns. Link should do his best to talk to as many of them as possible, for each one may know a unique bit of Hyrule lore that can aid Link on his quest. Some people even live outside towns, and they are no less helpful. Seek out and talk to everyone to complete your knowledge.

Adventure of Link Townsfolk.png