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Spells are taught to Link by eight Wizards who are found in various towns throughout Hyrule. Every town has one, and Link would do well to find them, or do whatever the citizens ask of him in order to receive their guidance.

The cost of spells vary with each level of magic ability that Link gains, but not in a linear fashion. The cost of each spell is shown in the subscreen while you are selecting them. 16 points is the equivalent of one block of the magic meter.

The spell locations are hidden for those who wish to discover them on their own.

Spell Description Location
AOL costume change when casting shield.png
The spell of Shield cuts the amount of damage that Link receives from an attack in half. Link's tunic turns brown to show that it is in effect. The effect of the spell wears off as soon as Link leaves a room and the scene changes. It is one of the less expensive spells to cast.
Jump Certain sections of caves or palaces, or even towns are impossible to reach under normal circumstances. The spell of Jump enables Link to jump even higher than normal, and potentially overcome an obstacle that is blocking his progress.
Life An invaluable spell, the spell of Life is capable of restoring three blocks of Link's health meter. Naturally, it is quite expensive to cast until Link's magic level is particularly high, but casting it can mean the difference between life and death.
Fairy Some passages in Hyrule are positioned so high or so dangerously that not even the spell of Jump can help Link traverse them. In these extreme cases, he must rely on the spell of Fairy which transforms him into a diminutive fairy that can fly throughout anywhere on the screen. However, he will be defenseless in this mode, unable to attack any of his enemies. Quickly fly beyond the danger and enter a new room to restore Link to his original form.
Fire Normally, Link can only fire beams from his sword at full strength. When a little extra punch is necessary, Link can cast the spell of Fire, which allows him to conjure a ball of fire with every sword slash, regardless of his current health. Some enemies can only be defeated with this spell.
Reflect While casting Shield improves Link's physical defense, the spell of Reflect can increase his magical defense. After casting this spell, Link can literally reflect magic back at its caster by blocking the attack with his shield. Certain wizards can only be defeated by giving them a taste of their own medicine. The spell can also be used to block stronger attacks such as fireballs, beams, axes, and maces that would otherwise get through your shield to damage you.
Spell This ambiguously named magic is capable of making certain enemies easier to defeat. It has a tendency to transform tougher enemies into the slime-like Bots. However, it has another rather unusual use which can help you obtain a very important item in a certain town.
Thunder The magic of Thunder can be used to strike down most of the enemies which are visible on the screen. However, this magic is extremely expensive and should only be used in case of an emergency. There is one very powerful enemy that you must cast this spell on before you can even harm it.

Sword Skills[edit]

There are two different sword skills that Link can learn from former Hyrulean knights. Initially, Link can only swing his sword forward. These old soldiers can teach Link different techniques that will extend his range of motion with his sword. When used in conjunction with the Power Glove, these techniques can even open up new passageways for Link.

Skill Description Location
Downward Thrust Use the downward thrust by jumping up into the air, and press Down dpad. This will cause Link to drop down upon an enemy or another target with a stabbing thrust.
Upward Thrust By jumping up into the air and holding Up dpad, Link will point his sword skyward and hold it above his head, stabbing enemies or objects that wait above him.