Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony/Chapter 2 (Daily Life)

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The mysterious items[edit]

Ancient Passport[edit]

The Ancient Passport can be inserted in this wall in the hallway leading to the Gym.

Speak to Kaito in the dorm and then head to the Dining Hall for a discussion. The following task involves matching items to positions around the school. After unlocking new areas with each item, explore them fully before moving on to the next location. Begin by going to the next segment of the hallway, which leads to the Gym. On a wall at a corner of the hallway is a set of two blocks in the wall with an indent for a third in the center. Use the Ancient Passport on this wall to gain access to the Ultimate Magician Lab. Inside, speak to Himiko and Tsumugi. Examine the birdcage, sword stabbing box, body sawing box, cauldron, guillotine, saw, and large water tank (turn the camera to see the last item, on the far-left of the room).

Dragon Gem[edit]

The Dragon Gem can be used on the dragon statue in the second floor hallway.

Proceed to the second floor for the next item. In the hallway sits a large dragon statue. Use the Dragon Gem on this statue to gain access to a new hallway, featuring two new rooms and a set of stairs leading to the next floor. Start by entering the Ultimate Maid Lab. Inside, speak to Kirumi and Korekiyo. Examine the closet door, cleaning machine, washing machine, and dining table. Then walk down the hall to find the Ultimate Entomologist Lab. Inside, speak to Gonta. Examine the arranged books, bug cage, and insect specimens. In the hallway between the Ultimate Maid Lab and the Ultimate Entomologist Lab, speak to Angie and examine the treasure chest. Then use the nearby stairs to access the third floor and continue exploring.

The first Hidden Monokuma of the chapter can be found under a bench in the third floor hallway.

On the third floor, enter the Ultimate Tennis Pro Lab. Speak to Ryoma and Miu. Examine the tennis net and the door to the shower room. Back out in the hall, find an area lined with benches near the end of the path. Under one of these benches is Hidden Monokuma #1. Examine the pixelated large door nearby, then walk to the very end of the hall to find Maki's lab. She can be spoken to again after the scene, but she still doesn't allow entrance to her lab. Speak to Kokichi in the hall before leaving. This is all there is to explore here, so head back down to the first floor and exit the school to find the positions of the remaining items.


The second Hidden Monokuma can be found behind a fence at a turn in the right path of the Courtyard.
Use the Ocarina on this monument at the end of the left path in the Courtyard.

In the Courtyard, walk down the path to the right near the entrance of the school building. At a turn in the path is Hidden Monokuma #2, hiding in the grass behind a fence. Backtrack to the entrance after picking it up and take the opposite path this time. Keebo and Tenko should be standing by a wall of plants. Near this wall of plants is a mysterious monument. Use the Ocarina on it to open up a new building. Inside, speak to Keebo and Tenko. Examine the storage room door, school building window above the storage room door, pool, diving board, gym window, and rules sign on the wall to the left. Exit after examining everything to continue to the location of the final item.

Hexagonal Crank[edit]

Use the hexagonal crank on the hexagonal protrusion by a set of large doors in the Courtyard.

Back in the Courtyard, backtrack on the path to the Pool and take the branching path to a large set of double doors that Kaito is standing by. Use the hexagonal crank on the glowing blue orb to the right of the doors. Go through the doors to find the "Nightspot." Walk down the left path to enter the Casino. Here Monocoins can be exchanged for casino coins, which can be used to gamble. Take the underground stairs to the basement, where the games can be found.

In Salmon Fishing, hunt for fish of a certain color based on Monokuma's orders.

In the basement of the Casino, speak to Kaito for a scene. Examine the games and take note that only Salmon Fishing and Monomono Slot can be accessed. Salmon Fishing is similar in structure to Hangman's Gambit, though the goal here is to catch fish of a certain color rather than letters; the more fish are obtained, the higher the score and the bigger the payout will be. Monomono Slot is a straightforward slot machine, in which any amount of coins that Shuichi bets is left entirely up to chance. Exit the basement and don't forget to exchange any earnings from the games using the exchange counter at the back of the ground floor. Exit the Casino and head down the other path to the "Love Suite," though Shuichi can only examine the sign in front of the building. Exit the area to conclude the exploration.


Bonus Scene #1
Use the MonoMono Machine in the school store to obtain the Everywhere Parasol. This will unlock a bonus scene upon speaking to Tenko after unlocking all new areas, but before going to the Gym (the event occurs before Free Time). This can also be accessed later via Chapter Select.

Go to the Gym to continue the story. Free Time follows these scenes. If either of the previous Hidden Monokumas have been missed, this is a good opportunity to pick them up. Otherwise, just take the time to collect presents from the MonoMono Machine and bond with the students. The next morning, examine the tablet on the table. After the video, examine Kaito's door to attempt to speak with him. When that fails, go to the Dining Hall. Another Free Time opportunity follows.

Bonus Scene #2
Use the MonoMono Machine in the school store to obtain the Commemorative Medal Set. This will unlock a bonus scene upon speaking to Miu the morning after Shuichi begins training (the event occurs before Free Time). This can also be accessed later via Chapter Select.
The third Hidden Monokuma can be found behind a couch in the Ultimate Inventor Lab.
The fourth Hidden Monokuma can be found on a shelf in the Warehouse.

Pick up the next two Hidden Monokumas of the chapter during this final Free Time. Hidden Monokuma #3 can be found in the Ultimate Inventor Lab, located in the Courtyard. Smack a couch to the right of the room to reveal the Hidden Monokuma sitting on the floor behind it. Hidden Monokuma #4 can be found in the Warehouse on the first floor of the school building. It sits on a high shelf to the left, visible without having to rotate the camera.

Open the door after the scenes. Exit the room and speak to Kirumi and Korekiyo outside, then exit into the Courtyard. Himiko and Angie can be spoken to here, but to trigger the next scene, speak to Kaito standing by the area across from the dorms. The next day, return to the Dining Hall. The next Free Time opportunity is cut short by a visitor. Open the door for a scene. Afterward, speak to the other students for another scene. The next day, go to the Gym. Speak to the other students and examine the suspended water tank, timer, curtain, and ladder. After all preparations are complete, simply enjoy the show, though it comes at a deadly cost.