Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony/Chapter 4 (Deadly Life)

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Computer Room[edit]

DRV3 bullet Events At The Chapel.png

The investigation begins at the scene of the crime, though Monokuma File 4 states that the murder occurred at 6:30 AM, while everyone was still in the virtual world. The body also has no external injuries, making the cause of death unclear. Speak to Himiko for her account of the Events At The Chapel. Miu volunteered to investigate outside the chapel, but the group found that after hearing a loud sound, her avatar became motionless. Speak to Gonta and Kaito, the latter giving Shuichi Kaito's Account. Kaito recalls being logged off while he was on the roof of the mansion, which shouldn't be possible.

DRV3 bullet Killing Game Simulator.png
DRV3 bullet Login Logout Record.png

Speak to Maki for details on the Killing Game Simulator. As it turns out, death in the virtual world does in fact transfer to the real world, which could explain how Miu's death occurred. However, the mystery here is why she would keep such an important detail from the other students. Monotaro will then analyze the computer, giving Shuichi the Login/Logout Record. This seems to implicate Kaito, as he was the only student to log out ahead of time, giving him an opportunity to commit a crime that the other students didn't have.

Speak to Kokichi, Keebo, and Tsumugi. The latter gives Tsumugi's Account and Loud Noise. Examine the small bottle on the chair to the right, which turns out to be a Small Bottle of Poison. Examine the visor near it for the Device Instructions. Finally, examine the body for the Corpse Truth Bullet. After a scene, Shuichi and co. can investigate another area.

Virtual World[edit]

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Follow everyone out into the main hall and examine the Map of the Mansion and the Map of the World on the wall. Everyone was told that the line in the center of the map separates the two halves, and no sound can travel across it, but this seems to contradict the events that Shuichi himself experienced previously. Exit the building and Keebo will lead Shuichi to a stray roll of Toilet Paper that could have some significance in the case. Then meet up with the other students at the river and examine the Signboard Used as a Bridge. Something about the signboard bothers Shuichi, but for now he can only follow the other students to the chapel.

The group is gathered to the right of the chapel, surrounding Miu's avatar. Examine the Hammer, which Shuichi points out contradicts Miu's statement that all dangerous items had been removed from the world. Examine the Cell Phone and Shuichi will test out a theory. Examine the Lattice Near the Chapel and Miu's Avatar, then speak to the students gathered here. Keebo tells Shuichi about Miu and Kokichi's Meeting. Return to the mansion and go to the rooftop.

Examine the binoculars to have Shuichi take a look around at the area below. Enter the storage room and examine the shelf. Then speak to the other students. After the scene, follow everyone back to the real world.

Computer Room[edit]

Upon Shuichi's return, he learns about Kokichi In the Salon. Speak to Monotaro to learn about the Wall Added by Miu, the Setting on Kokichi's Avatar, and an Avatar Error. This concludes the investigation, so follow the others to the Shrine of Judgment to begin the trial.