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  • Challenge: You select a wrestler and guide his career to the top.
  • Versus: You and a randomly-chosen computer Opponent - 1 fall to a finish. This can be played with two players as well.
  • Tag Team: Play one match against a human or up to four people. If there are three people playing then one person teams up with a computer opponent.
  • Cage: Star off inside a 15-foot high steel cage. You have to escape to win.
  • Weapons: No count-outs and no mercy, a large selection of weapons.
  • Co-op Tag Team: You and your friend against the computer.
  • Tornado: A tag team battle royal. Two humans and two computer opponents in the ring at once.
  • Raw Is War: Three humans enter the ring simultaneously in a winner-takes-all "triple-threat" style match.