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BS Zelda AST minigame Week 2.png

Go to the Lost Woods and tear up that suspicious square of bushes. Fall through the hole you just discovered to play a bomb-throwing minigame.

It costs 20 rupees for 5 bombs. These are no ordinary bombs, when you throw them they fly clear across the screen! Try different positions until you get it right.

For each bomb that successfully lands in the pot you get rupees. You can get 8, 16, 32, 64, and finally 300 rupees.

If a bomb explodes anywhere outside of the pot you go back down to 8. Sometimes the pot-carriers vanish offscreen and reappear further away, sometimes they go faster, you never can be too sure of their actions! If the hyper-bomb blows up in your hands you get hurt, so be careful!

You can replay infinite times, and the play cost/rewards never change.