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BS Zelda AST minigame Week 4.png

During Week 4 you can play a Slot Machine game with the friendly thief once the clock reaches BS Zelda AST clock colon.pngBS Zelda AST clock 3.pngBS Zelda AST clock 5.png; he's in the house to the right of the Fortune Teller's hut (north of Kakariko).

For 20 Rupees he'll start the wheels rolling, but they roll horizontally rather than vertically. You use the Boomerang for this game, regardless of what item you have equipped. Throw the Boomerang at whichever column you like to stop it and then hit another to hopefully match them. The Octorok is a wildcard, so if you hit it and then two other matching things you still get a reward. Remember that you can throw your Boomerang diagonally for those tricky shots.

Also remember there are no barriers so you can hit at point-blank range. Sometimes your Boomerang will collect a Rupee after hitting a column, it is unclear whether this is a deliberate reward or an emulation flaw.


  • match 3× 50 Rupees for 150 Rupees
  • match 2× Octoroks and 1× Red Rupee for...
    • 2 Red Rupees
    • Red Rupee and Blue Rupee
    • Red Rupee and 50 Rupees
    • Red Rupee and 100 Rupees
    • Blue Rupee and 300 Rupees
  • match 2× Octoroks and 1× 50 Rupees for...
    • 1 Blue Rupee and 50 Rupees
    • 2 Red Rupees
    • 2 Blue Rupees
    • 50 Rupees and 100 Rupees
    • 2× 100 Rupees
  • match 2× Octoroks and 1× 50 Rupees for...
    • 1 Blue Rupee and 50 Rupees
    • others (not fully mapped)
  • match 3× Octoroks for 900 rupees!