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These are the default controls. Controls can be customized by pressing Start button and selecting Config.

Button Control
Start button Pause game and open menu.
Select button Toggle top screen between map and status.
Left dpad Right dpad Move left or right.
Up dpad Talk to NPC while standing next to them. Absorb glyphs.
Down dpad Crouch. Refill hearts when next to jar. Pick up cats.
B button Jump. Cancel in menus.
A button Confirm in menus.
Y button Main glyph.
X button Sub glyph.
L button Backdash (roll backwards).
R button Back glyph.
Up dpad + Y button or Up dpad + X button Glyph union.
A button + L button or A button + R button Glyph sleeve (change glyph set).
Down dpad + B button Slide. Drop down from thin platforms.
B button + B button Double jump.
B button + Down dpad + B button Jump kick off enemy while in the air. Requires Ordinary Rock relic.