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Each villager is hidden and imprisoned by a Torpor glyph. To free them, absorb the glyph. Once freed, they will automatically return to Wygol Village on their own. Most villagers offer quests that rewards items or unlock items in the shop. The quests are not required to complete the game.


Age: 70

By the grace of God, he cleared away the wilderness to plant the seeds of this village.

When all quest are completed, speak to him to receive the Master Ring.


Age: 48

This peddler seemed a natural fit, and moved into the village.

Jacob runs the shop where you can buy and sell items and put them on display for market mode.


Age: 26

Once a common thief, he found salvation in the church and studied thenceforth to become a healer.

  • Running Out of Sage - Sage
  • Medicinal Ingredients Needed - Chamomile, Rue
  • Mandrake is the Best Medicine - Mandrake Root, Sage
  • Unusual Medicine Components - Merman Meat, Sage


Age: 24

She places her trust in the cards of the tarot, which foretold she would do great things here, as well as finally locate her soul mate.

  • A Lucky Stone - Lapis Lazuli
  • A Pleasant Accessory - Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire
  • A Heartwarming Accessory - Diamond, Onyx
  • The Job of a Lifetime - Alexandrite


Age: 50

A quiet, gentle man of 50 years. His good faith brought him to this community, where he used his carpentry skills to build houses.

  • Poor Preparation is Costly - 3 Iron Ore
  • What the Blacksmith Does Best - 3 Silver Ore
  • Work of the Finest Quality - 3 Gold Ore


Age: 40

A confident chef whose motto is, "I can cook anything!" He moved here to avoid the serious competition of the big city.

  • Needs More Salt - Salt
  • I've never Eaten That - Raw Killer Fish
  • Can't Cook Without Ingredients - Tasty Meat


Age: 38

Hearing rumors of monsters nearby, he traveled here to further his research. He's a curious man, and won't hesitate to share information.

  • Case of the Vicious Beast - Photo 1
  • Case of the Demon Horse - Photo 2
  • Case of the Hideous Snowman - Photo 3


Age: 34

Dracula's legend enticed this minstrel to come along. Townsfolk don't look twice, but avoid his eerie songs.

  • The Silent Violin - Horse Hair
  • The Killing Scream - Use Phonograph during Banshee wail
  • Artists Can Be Selfish - Black Ink, Eagle Feather


Age: 10

Irina's son looks after his sister, even though he thinks she's a big crybaby.

  • Hide and Seek! - Break barrels
  • Show Me the Owl! - Use Fidelis Noctua to summon owl
  • Can't Catch Me! -


Age: 8

Irina's daughter and Serge's sister. She's a sensitive girl, and endowed with an awareness of the ethereal world.

  • Finding Tom - Tom
  • Mice Make for Good Eats - Mouse
  • Tom and Jewelry - Chrysoberyl


Age: 17

This young girl is bright, but shy. The other villagers are like her family, since her real parents passed away.

  • Making a Dress! - 5 Cotton Thread
  • Silkworm's Tragedy - 5 Silk Thread
  • Is That Cashmere? - 5 Cashmere Thread


Age: 45

Her children are Serge and Anna. She came to the village by accident, but decided to stay and share her excellent cuisine with the others.

  • Vicious Crows - Kill 30 Black Crows
  • Do You Hear Howling? - Kill 10 Werewolves
  • An Unwelcome Guest - Kill Jiang Shi


Age: 85

She appeared in the village one day, as if she had always lived there. Some days she's ignorant, and yet other days she's quite wise.

  • A Beacon of Hope - Lighthouse Art
  • Important Resting Place - Waterfall Art
  • Tragic Memories - Church Art