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Main/Sub Glyphs[edit]

Name ATK Attribute MP Description
Confodere 6 Slash 5 A rapier glyph.
Vol Confodere 11 Slash 10 A powerful rapier glyph.
Melio Confodere 15 Slash 15 Superior rapier glyph.
Secare 8 Slash 5 A sword glyph.
Vol Secare 14 Slash 10 A powerful sword glyph.
Melio Secare 20 Slash 15 Superior sword glyph.
Hasta 9 Slash 5 A lance glyph
Vol Hasta 16 Slash 10 A powerful lance glyph.
Melio Hasta 23 Slash 15 Superior lance glyph.
Macir 10 Strike 5 A hammer glyph
Vol Macir 18 Strike 10 A powerful hammer glyph.
Melio Macir 25 Strike 15 Superior hammer glyph.
Arcus 6 Slash 15 A bow glyph
Vol Arcus 9 Slash 15 This bow glyph fires diagonally.
Melio Arcus 9 Slash 25 A bow glyph that targets enemies automatically.
Ascia 8 Slash 15 An axe glyph.
Vol Ascia 12 Slash 30 A powerful axe glyph.
Melio Ascia 16 Slash 45 Superior axe glyph.
Falcis 11 Slash 5 A sickle glyph.
Vol Falcis 19 Slash 10 A powerful sickle glyph.
Melio Falcis 28 Slash 15 Superior sickle glyph.
Culter 3 Slash 8 A knife glyph.
Vol Culter 3 Slash 16 A double knife glyph.
Melio Culter 3 Slash 24 A triple knife glyph.
Scutum 5 A shield glyph.
Vol Scutum 5 A powerful shield glyph.
Melio Scutum 5 Superior shield glyph.
Redire 4 Slash 10 A glyph to magnetize blades for additional effect.
Cubus 5 20 A glyph that creates stones.
Torpor 10 Ice 20 A glyph that incapacitates opponents.
Lapiste 17 Strike 20 Pulverize enemies with giant fists of stone.
Pneuma 14 Slash 25 This glyph creates squalls to sweep enemies away.
Ignis 9 Fire 25 Call forth burning flames.
Vol Ignis 7 Fire 40 Create pillars of fire.
Grando 8 Ice 25 Call forth freezing ice.
Vol Grando 27 Ice 40 Create pillars of ice.
Fulgur 5 Lightning 25 Summon a ball of lightning.
Vol Fulgur 3 Lightning 40 Call forth shocking electricity.
Luminatio 8 Light 25 Call forth a ball of light.
Vol Luminatio 20 Light 40 Call a ball of light that tracks enemies.
Umbra 13 Dark 25 Command the malice of the dead.
Vol Umbra 23 Dark 40 Command the powers of darkness.
Morbus 12 Dark 25 Command a forbidden curse.
Nitesco 9 Fire/Light 20 Concentrate magic energy into a destructive beam.
Acerbatus 22 Dark 44 Calls forth the power of spite.
Globus 8 Strike 50 Unleash an energy sphere.
Dextro Custos 18 Slash 16 Attack with the right head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell.
Sinestro Custos 18 Slash 16 Attack with the left head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell.
Dominus Hatred 66 Dark 66 One piece of Dominus; summons a pillar of light.
Dominus Anger 66 Dark 66 One piece of Dominus; unleashes a cluster of energy.

Back Glyphs[edit]

Name ATK Attribute MP Description
Magnes 10 Light 5 Creates an attractive magnetic field.
Paries 5 Pass through solid walls in specific locations.
Volaticus 20 Conjures a pair of wings, allowing the power of flight.
Rapidus Fio 3 Slash 80 A glyph of divine motion that enables faster movement.
Vis Fio 80 Temporarily increase STR and the effects of physical glyphs.
Fortus Fio 80 Temporarily increase CON and physical resistance.
Sapiens Fio 80 Temporarily increase INT and the effects of magical glyphs.
Fides Fio 80 Temporarily increase MIND and magic resistance.
Felicem Fio 80 Grants the user a temporary boost of LUCK.
Inire Pecunia 80 Temporarily increase the amount of money received from enemies.
Arma Felix 80 Grants cat-like abilities.
Arma Chiroptera 80 Grants bat-like abilities.
Arma Machina 80 Grants every ability of an automaton.
Refectio 80 Increases the rate of physical regeneration.
Arma Custos 80 Grants the mighty power of Cerberus.
Fidelis Caries 2 Strike 80 Summon zombies that fight to the death.
Fidelis Alate 3 Slash 80 Summon guardians to glide down from above.
Fidelis Polkir 4 Fire 80 Summon Polkir to descend on your enemies.
Fidelis Noctua 3 Slash 80 Summon owl to soundlessly descend.
Fidelis Medusa 1 Stone 80 Summon Medusa Heads in a strangely familiar pattern.
Fidelis Aranea 2 Slash
80 Summon skull spiders to skitter about when needed.
Fidelis Mortus 5 Strike
80 Summon a lively assortment of the dead.
Dominus Agony 66 One piece of Dominus; shrouds you in Dracula's magic.

Glyph Unions[edit]

Combination Attribute Hearts Description
Invalid Combination None 5 A Result of any invalid combination. A white ball of energy is fired at a short range.
Rapier + Rapier Slash 15 Rose petals quickly appear and hit any enemies on the way about 3 times.
Sword + Sword Slash 15 Swings a huge sword that covers half of the screen dealing big damage to enemies.
Lance + Lance Slash 15 A large spear materializes in the air and moves forward a bit, hitting any enemies in the way about two times for average damage.
Hammer + Hammer Strike 15 Swings a huge hammer that covers most of the screen and hits any enemies on the way once for high damage.
Bow + Bow Slash 30 Fires an arrow upwards, then several arrows rain down and hit everything in the screen multiple times, dealing low damage.
Axe + Axe Slash 15 Swings a huge axe that covers most of the screen and hits any enemies on the way once for some high damage.
Sickle + Sickle Slash 15 Swings a huge scythe that covers most of the screen and hits any enemies on the way once for some high damage.
Knife + Knife Slash 30 Throws several knives forward, each dealing low damage.
Shield + Shield None 20 Shanoa becomes completely invulnerable to all damage for 2 seconds. But she can't do anything else during that time.
Fire + Fire Fire "Flamethrower"; Shanoa projects a snaking gout of flame from her hands.
Ice + Ice Ice "Blizzard";
Lightning + Lightning Lightning "Thunder Turret"; A ball of lightning appears above Shanoa, and automatically shoots up to five bolts of lightning at enemies in range.
Pneuma + Pneuma Wind "Tempest"; Shanoa creates a massive green gale around herself.
Dark + Dark Dark "Shadow Gate"; Shanoa projects a massive field of dark energy around herself.
Nitesco + Nitesco Fire/Light "Super/Supah/Soopah Nitesco"; Shanoa projects a Nitesco beam as tall as she is, that can reach the other side of the screen. Unlike the regular Nitesco, Shanoa is completely immobilized until the beam dissipates.
Fire + any Physical Glyph Fire/Slash "Flare Sword"; A sword made of fire appears at Shanoa's location, and delivers a slash before disappearing.
Ice + any Physical Glyph Ice/Slash "Branding Ice"; A sword made of ice appears at Shanoa's location, and delivers a slash before disappearing.
Lightning + any Physical Glyph Lightning/Slash "Thunder Lance"; A spear made of lightning appears at Shanoa's location and slowly moves forward a bit, delivering multiple hits before disappearing.
Earth + any Physical Glyph Earth/Strike "Hammer of Might"; A hammer made of stone appears at Shanoa's location and delivers a strike before disappearing.
Nitesco + any Physical Glyph Light/Slash 15 "Venus"; A sword made with Nitesco appears at Shanoa's location, and delivers a slash before disappearing.
Luminatio + Umbra/Vol Umbra/Morbus/Acerbatus/Globus Light/Dark 50 "Daybreak"; Shanoa unleashes a powerful blast of light and dark energies that fills the screen.
Ignis/Vol Ignis + Grando/Vol Grando Fire/Ice 20 "Burn to Ice"; Shanoa unleashes a fusion of fire and ice, which will fly across the screen in the direction it was used.