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Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries over except the following:

  • Glyphs: Magnes, Paries, Volaticus, Redire, Dextro Custos, Sinestro Custos, Arma Custos, Dominus Hatred, Dominus Anger, Dominus Agony
  • Relics: Ordinary Rock, Serpent Scale
  • Rescued villagers and quest progress

Hard Mode[edit]

When creating a new game, hard mode difficulty can be selected. You can pick a level cap of either 1 or 50. Enemies have higher stats and are placed in additional areas. Beating the game with a level cap of 1 rewards the Castlevania Order of Ecclesia item queen of hearts.png Queen of Hearts and unlocks level cap of 255 allowing you to further max your character. Alternatively, you can unlock the level cap of 255 by connecting the Nintendo DS to Castlevania Judgment. Beating the game with level cap of 50 only rewards a Queen of Hearts.

Albus Mode[edit]

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia enemy albus.png

When creating a new game on a different save file, Albus can be selected instead of Shanoa. Albus mode is similar to a normal play through except playing as Albus. The menu is not accessible so Albus can not change equipment, glyphs, or relics. Breakable objects will always drop hearts. Albus can collect HP Max up, MP Max up, and HEART Max up. He levels up by gaining experience from kills. He starts in Wygol Village instead of Ecclesia and there are no villagers to rescue.


Button Control
Y button Regular Shot
X button Optical Shot
A button Quadruple Ignis (Consumes 3 hearts)
R button Torpor Crystal
Up dpad + Y button Max Shot
Up dpad + L button High Jump
Stylus button Touch Screen Warp (Cannot warp inside a wall)

Boss Rush Mode[edit]

Boss rush mode can be selected in the main menu. You'll have to choose a file to play this. There are two courses you can play with these following bosses:

If you beat the whole course without dying, you'll get a reward depending on how long you took to beat it.

Course 1

  • 4 Minutes: R. Eye of Devil
  • 5 Minutes: Arrow Helm
  • 6 Minutes: Sword Helm
  • 7 Minutes: Rapier Helm
  • 8 Minutes: Lance Helm
  • 9 Minutes: Hammer Helm

Course 2

  • 4 Minutes: L. Eye of God
  • 5 Minutes: Shield Helm
  • 6 Minutes: Knife Helm
  • 7 Minutes: Sickle Helm
  • 8 Minutes: Axe Helm

Anything beyond 10 minutes will reward a potion.

Market Mode[edit]

Market mode is where you can sell items to other players. You can select either Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or Wireless Mode at the main menu. Before you can start market mode, you need talk to Jacob in Wygol Village to select items to put on display.

Race Mode / Practice Mode[edit]

Race mode is where you can compete with other players for highest score in three different stages. You will have to traverse a stage to the end while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Along the way you can pick up bonus items that enhance your abilities, such as faster walk speed, higher jump, etc. Your total score is determined by HP, time, enemy, and bonus. Practice mode is the same as race mode without another player.

Sound Mode[edit]

Sound mode can be selected from the main menu. From here you can select and listen to all background music and voice sound effects. Language can be toggled between English and Japanese.