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Items to Obtain
Bow of MoonBlizzard Bracelet
Key points
  1. To/from Cordel Plains.
  2. This Guard blocks passage to Queen Aryllis' House. Either Paralyze her or Change into a Woman to get inside.
  3. Queen Aryllis. Change into a Woman and give her the Kirisa Plant to get the Bow of Moon.
  4. Stairs to Basement. The Blizzard Bracelet is inside.
Inn Armor Shop Tool Shop
Platinum Armor Platinum Shield Mirror Shield Sacred Shield Warp Boots Lysis Plant Fruit of Power
80 1800 1300 2000 9000 100 150 150

Despite being accessible earlier (you can do it as soon as you get the Ball of Water in the Waterfall Valley), it is best to visit Amazones once you have the Change spell since you really can't do much until you approach them disguised as a woman.

It is located in the southeast part of the Cordel Plains, so the best route is to Teleport to Brynmaer and head east-southeast. You'll soon find a narrow part of the river where you can use the Ball of Water to freeze an ice bridge. From there, continue south until you see the passage.

In the Amazones village, there are two key items to collect. Both require entering the home of Queen Aryllis (the easternmost building). Normally, a guard there will move to block passage. You can either use Paralysis to freeze the guard before she can move to block the door or Change into a woman, in which case she freely allows you inside.

Inside, you can only speak with Queen Aryllis if you appear to be a woman. Give her the Kirisa plant (from the Kirisa Valley Cave in the Portoa area) and she will give you the Bow of Moon: a vital item towards the end of the game.

In the basement of Aryllis' house, you can find the Blizzard Bracelet in a chest. This is the one item you can obtain before acquiring the Change spell, but going out of the way to obtain it earlier is not that important. You will need it going forward, however.

While you're here, you should go to the Armor Shop and invest in the Mirror Shield. This is the only place it's available, and it will allow you to block Petrify spells. The Sacred Shield looks tempting, but you'll find a better offer soon.

With those loose ends tied up, it's time to go to Mt. Hydra and locate the hidden rebel stronghold of Shyron.