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Crystalis' walkthrough is a linear set of instructions that is split up by major location. Each section gives the locations of key items and NPCs to interact with, and the directions needed to go onwards.

This icon indicates a point of interest on the map.
This icon indicates a point of interest on the map.

Each area will provide a map. This map will be annotated to guide you to all points of note. Numbers on the map indicate connections to other maps and other key points of interest. Each one will be described in the legend below each map. Some may be colored to indicate particular points such as common obstacles or the locations of bosses.

This arrow indicates open passages.
This arrow indicates open passages.

Double-headed yellow arrows represent open passages that can be passed in either direction. Arrows that are unmarked will always point to two adjacent points to indicate a connection between them. Ones with letters connect to a partner point on that map with the same letter. Ones with numbers will describe their destinations in the legend.

A red mark indicates a one-way passage.
A red mark indicates a one-way passage.

Single-headed red arrows represent one-way passages such as pitfalls. Pitfalls will always be lettered; a corresponding diamond will indicate where you land.

Items to Obtain
Important items for an area will
be depicted in this sidebar.

Most areas have an Items to Obtain sidebar, which quickly breaks down all the important things you need to find or otherwise get in a given area. That way, you know if you've missed anything and don't waste time in unnecessary searching. You may not be able to get everything the first time you visit an area, but you'll get them later.

Inn Armor Shop Tool Shop
Tanned Hide Carapace Shield Medical Herb Antidote Warp Boots (Not on GBC) Alarm Flute (Not on GBC)
16 100 80 30 40 60 50

Towns can have one or more places that can help you. These provisions and their costs will be described in a table.

Inns offer a clean bed and a good rest. Pay their rent and you wake up with your HP and MP fully recovered.

Armor Shops allow you to buy some better protection for your journey. Armor suits help protect you against direct contact with enemies while shields help raise your defense against projectiles.

Tool Shops can offer a variety of consumable items to help you on your journey.

If a town has a Pawn Shop, you have the chance to offload excess goods you may have accumulated on your journey. Note that an item must be expendable (as in you're allowed to drop it) for it to be salable. This typically limits the salable assortment to consumables and armor.