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NES control pad

Control Function
Neutral dpad
  • Player movement (up, down, left, right, and diagonal). You can move in eight directions but can only attack in four.
  • Menu navigation.
A button
  • Uses some items like Medical Herbs and Rabbit Boots.
  • Casts currently-selected spell (if two things can use A, the spell takes precedence). Some spells require holding A to maintain its effect.
  • Confirm menu choices.
  • Select an item in the Sub-Screen.
B button
  • Attack with Sword. Hold to charge Force and release to perform charge attacks.
  • Use certain (usually event) Items
  • Cancel menu choices.
  • Drop an item in the Sub-Screen if you can.
Select button
  • Toggles Sub-Screen
Start button
  • Toggles Status Screen
  • Switches from Sub-Screen to System Screen (Save/Load)