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Items to Obtain
Warrior Ring
Key points
  1. To/from Goa Fields.
  2. A friend of Akahana lives here.
    Change into Akahana and return here after clearing Goa Fortress to obtain Warrior Ring.
  3. To/from Goa Fortress.
Inn Tool Shop
Medical Herb Antidote Lysis Plant Warp Boots
300 500 600 700 800

The fortress city of Goa is located at the north end of the Goa plains. Stock up and rest up as you need it. Also note the house to the Northeast. You'll be going there later. Also, Kensu's in disguise near the north gate. For now, though, proceed north into the fortress.

Here you'll find more of those rock shooters, so use Barrier to get past them. Also be on the lookout for flames coming from a Demon Wall. Even as you ponder how to get past this wall, you get a telepathic message. Shyron is under attack! Teleport there at once!

It takes at least level 12 to fight Mado.

You find many of the people you know dead and the Elders taken hostage. Stom and Akahana are among the dead, though Akahana mentions a friend in Goa as he dies. In the Temple, you'll meet the leader of the attack: the third of Draygonia's Finest Four: Mado.

Mado has two methods of attack. First, he curls into a ball and bounces around the screen for a while. When he stands up again, he throws shuriken in your general direction before returning to a ball. There usually aren't enough shuriken to trap you, but since you have the Barrier spell, you can use it occasionally if it ever happens. To be able to fight Mado, you need to be at least level 12, and he's only vulnerable to Water, so the best thing is to use the Blizzard Bracelet. It's screen-covering attack means you don't have to wait for him to stop to use it; it can hit him even in his ball form. Once Mado concedes and withdraws, he'll leave behind a treasure chest. Inside is the Ball of Thunder: your answer to the Demon Wall.

Since Draygonia now has the Elders, too, you have even more reason to storm the Fortress. Return to Goa.

Goa Fortress Part One[edit]

Key points
  1. To/from Goa.
  2. Use Barrier to safely pass these constantly-shooting statues.
  3. Fire a Level 2 Thunder bolt to destroy this Demon Wall.
    The first time you encounter it, you will be told to return to Shyron.
  4. BOSS: General Kelbesque. Defeat to win Opel Statue.
  5. Zebu the Elder. He will replenish your health and magic.
  6. To/from Part Two.

WARNING! Goa Fortress is the biggest area you will face in the game. It is basically split into four areas, each of which will be covered separately. If you find the going here difficult, you can make a detour. Skip down to the Oasis Cave to learn of some things that can help you.

With the Ball of Thunder, you can now take care of Demon Walls. Thing is, some Demon Walls tend to fight back by spitting flames. Thankfully, the Sword of Thunder unleashes a spread when it's charged up: especially at level 2. Just stand to one side of the Demon Wall, out of its line of fire, and fire across the Wall; the spread of the projectiles will do it in just as easily as a straight-on shot.

Draygonia knows you're coming, so you need to be prepared for multiple boss fights. General Kelbesque waits for you at the northeast end of the next room, and you'll want to be at level 13 before you get there, so pick your path and build your strength (attacking Devils using the Ball of Thunder tends to build experience quickly). To actually reach him, you need to get to the northwest corner of the room, where there are two stairways onto the battlements. Take the right one, go up, and maintain a general easterly direction. You should eventually reach the east end where you can go up and face off. General Kelbesque has a new attack in his arsenal: firing rapid wind blasts from his sword. Attack him as before, using the Tornado Bracelet, but if he stops moving, keep moving yourself to dodge the wind blasts; charge only when he's moving somewhere away from you. If the wind blasts are getting tricky to dodge, remember that timely use of the Barrier spell can block them if you have to. When he's gone for good, he'll leave behind a rare item: the Opel Statue. If you have this equipped when you go down, it can save you. Don't worry about healing since Zebu is just ahead and will do it for you. Proceed to the next area.

Goa Fortress Part Two[edit]

Key points
  1. To/from Part One.
  2. Fire a Level 2 Water bolt to create ice bridges across these channels.
  3. Fruit of Repun.
  4. Fire a Level 2 Thunder bolt to destroy each of these Demon Walls.
  5. Lysis Plant.
  6. Fruit of Power.
  7. BOSS: Sabera. Defeat to win Fruit of Repun.
  8. Tornel the Elder. He will replenish your health and magic.
  9. To/from Part Three.

Thankfully, enemies in this next area are few and far between. The best thing to do here to begin is to keep to the east and south. You should be able to travel for some distance before you're forced to create an ice bridge. Do so and keep going. Eventually, you should run into a treasure chest containing a rare Fruit of Repun. You might need it later. From here, keep to the north until you reach a dead end. Freeze an ice bridge west then follow the path until you reach another dead end and another point where you can make an ice bridge. Following the path here should eventually lead to an opening north, a Demon Wall, and the doorway to Sabera's room. Sabera will move as before and unleash her barrage of spiked balls. In addition, several flames will appear during the fight to protect her and she can also launch a web that can drain your magic should it hit you. Keep the Barrier spell on hand in case things get crowded and attack her as you did before: with the Flame Bracelet. Once she goes down and stays down, she will drop a second Fruit of Repun. Again, keep it handy. Tornel is up ahead and he'll heal you up before you proceed to the next area.

Goa Fortress Part Three[edit]

Key points
  1. To/from Part Two.
  2. Opel Statue.
  3. Magic Ring.
  4. Fire a Level 2 Thunder bolt to destroy each of these Demon Walls.
  5. Antidote.
  6. BOSS: Mado. Defeat to win Sacred Shield.
  7. Asina the Elder. She will replenish your health and magic.
  8. To/from Part Four.

The next area is a very labyrinthe corridor full of Devils and Medusae. Now is a good time to equip the Mirrored Shield again if you have it. Take advantage of the Devils in the lower chamber to build yourself up to level 14. It's worth exploring here since this area packs a number of useful items. For example, going straight to the north and past some spikes you will find an Opel Statue (if you need to negotiate spikes, remember to use Rabbit Boots to minimize the damage). There are also several Magic Rings that can be found: in the southeast dead end, in the left upstairs corridor, accessible from stairs at the northwest and southwest corners (Take care not to fall down the holes; you'll end up falling right into the spikes!), and the east upstairs corridor, accessed from the northeast corner (again, mind the gaps). This east corridor is also the way to Mado's room. While you're upstairs, beware of Killer Moths and Wraiths; if you have it, switch to the Sacred Shield to guard against their paralyzing effects. Mado attacks similarly to before, only his ball form is much faster and he launches many more shuriken each time he stands, so have the Barrier spell ready. Just as before, use the Blizzard Bracelet to attack him. He leaves behind a Sacred Shield when he falls. It's handy if you don't have one already; otherwise, you can always sell it. Asina is ahead and will heal you up before you proceed to the final area.

Goa Fortress Part Four[edit]

Items to Obtain
Ivory StatueStorm BraceletFlight Spell
Key points
  1. To/from Part Three.
  2. Fire a Level 2 Thunder bolt to destroy this Demon Wall.
  3. Kensu is here, Cursed into a Slime. Bring him the Ivory Statue to restore him.
    He will restore your health and magic and teach you Flight.
  4. Magic Ring.
  5. Warp Boots.
  6. Use Barrier to safely pass these constantly-shooting statues.
  7. BOSS: Karmine. Defeat to win Ivory Statue.
  8. Storm Bracelet
  9. To/from Oasis Cave.

You have a few ways to proceed in this last area, but the simplest way is to take the right fork, then go south into a U-shaped corridor. This small area is full of Black Knights, each being very tough to take down (even if you have obtained Power Ring first, you still need 5 hits), but worths a whopping 1,600 EXP. You should then be able to follow a corridor north, east, and around until a path branches off to the north. Take this and take down a Demon Wall, then take a left at the fork. Ahead are three moving platforms. Deftly make your way across each one; if you don't, you'll fall onto beds of spikes below! Beyond these you'll see a room to the north. Kensu is there but is on no condition to help you because he's been turned into a Slime. The man behind this is actually below in the basement. You can reach the right path two ways: either intentionally fall down the leftmost chasm or take the stairs all the way to the left. Either way, you'll quickly reach the leftmost bed of spikes. Using your Rabbit Boots, hop your way north and you will find a door there. Ahead of here is another gauntlet of rock-spitting statues, so have Barrier ready. Beyond is the finest of Drygonia's Finest Four: Karmine the Wizard.

Beware of Karmine's Curse spell.

Remember those Fruit of Repun? Karmine has the nasty power to cast Curse spells on you that can turn you into a Slime just like Kensu. Without the Fruit of Repun, you would be helpless. In addition, Karmine will float erratically around the room and occasionally cast a salvo of fireballs that will bounce around the room. Thankfully, the Barrier spell can block both the fireballs and the Curse spells if you engage it in time, so keep the spell ready. Also, Karmine will only respond to Thunder, so have the Sword and Ball of Thunder ready. The Level 2 bolts spread very wide, making it easier to hit Karmine. When Karmine goes down, he'll drop the Ivory Statue. Continue north beyond this room to locate another chest. The Storm Bracelet is inside, completing your elemental set. Return upstairs and use the Ivory Statue to break Kensu's Curse. Kensu will fix you up as well as teach you the final spell: Flight. He will tell you Emperor Draygon has taken Mesia to Sahara because she has the power to call the Floating Tower. Proceed past him and down the flights of stairs to the Oasis Cave.

Oasis Cave[edit]

Items to Obtain
Leather BootsBattle ArmorPower Ring
Key points
  1. To/from Goa Fortress.
  2. Use Flight or Rabbit Boots or Leather Boots to negotiate this damage field.
  3. Fruit of Power.
  4. Use Flight to cross the stream.
  5. To/from Death Desert.
  6. Fire a Level 2 Water bolt to create ice bridges across these channels.
  7. Leather Boots.
  8. Battle Armor. Use Flight to get over the water here.
  9. Fire a Level 2 Thunder bolt to destroy this Demon Wall.
  10. Power Ring.

You could use Flight to get over the glowing damage field, but it's cheaper to use Rabbit Boots to hop across or Leather Boots to walk across (if you have them already). You will have to use Flight to cross the river, though. The left fork takes you out into the Death Desert. Instead, take the right fork into a river maze.

TIP: This entrance may be of help to you if you haven't taken on Goa Fortress yet. You can reach this entrance and take the Leather Boots as soon as you can reach the Goa Fields. If you wait until you get the Ball of Thunder, you can also make your way to the Power Ring. Both can make the going in Goa Fortress considerably easier. See the Sahara section to view the entrance from the outside. Note that you still need Flight to reach the Battle Armor, so detouring at this point means you'll be coming back later.

We're after three things here: Leather Boots (protects you from damaging floors and grounds), Battle Armor (protects you from poison), and the Power Ring (gives you the power you need to take on the Emperor). You'll find the first easily by keeping left until a corridor breaks out there. Backtrack to the rivers and follow the river up to a dead end where you can either freeze an ice bridge or use a quick burst of Flight. Ahead you should see two isolated islands to the south. Use Flight to reach the one on the right; the chest there has the Battle Armor. Now make your way to the center of the maze however way you want (from the Battle Armor, it's a quick Flight across the river to the south, then south and and along the river until you can freeze or fly your way west, then south and around to the stairs), climb up, break a Demon Wall and you'll find the Power Ring.

At this point, you now have all the power-up items, all elemental swords and power-ups, and all eight spells. It's now time to make use of some of your newfound power to pick up stuff you couldn't get earlier.

First, Teleport to Goa and Change into Akahana. The man in the northeast house will then give you the Warrior Ring Akahana had lent him. With this ring on, you don't have to charge up to unleash level 1 bolts. At this time, you may wish to hike or Teleport over to a town with a Pawn Shop so you can sell off some excess wares, particuarly if you now have two Sacred Shields. You'll need room.

Next, Teleport to Shyron then from there climb your way back up Mt. Hydra. From the cave at the north fork, take the left fork again, work your way around and up across the ice bridge until you reach the fork again. This time, go right into the cave. Keep to the left in the first room, then to the right in the second. You'll break down a two walls with the Ball of Wind, then exit is through one more corridor from here. When you emerge, you'll be atop the mountain. Use Flight to cross the gap to the chest which contains the vital Bow of Sun. Now backtrack through the caves and return to the fork outside, this time going left and into Styx.

With the Flight spell, you can now take the right fork past the rock-spitting statues. Once at the river, just fly over the river and follow the river until a corridor breaks off to the left. Inside this chest is the ultimate shield: the Psycho Shield. Not only does it offer the best defense, it also blocks Petrify and Paralysis spells, meaning you can now sell off all your other shields.

You've now tied up all the loose ends. It's now time to head towards the last town: Sahara.