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Cheats for the PC version are typed on the keyboard. Note that some cheats may conflict with your key bindings, resulting in secondary effects (such as using steroids, etc.)

Code Effect
DNBETA Displays "PIRATES SUCK!" message
DNCASHMAN Throw money when the use/open button is pressed
DNCLIP Toggles no-clip mode (walk through walls)
DNCOORDS Displays current coordinates
DNCORNHOLIO or DNKROZ Toggles God mode (invincibility)+ unlimited jetpack
DNCOSMO Displays "REGISTER COSMO" message (Version 1.3d and prior only)
DNDEBUG Displays debug information (upper left corner)
DNINVENTORY Adds all items and body armor
DNITEMS Adds all items, keys, and armor
DNKEYS Adds all keys to inventory
DNMACS Change security screens to Macintosh desktops (Mac version only)
DNMONSTERS Toggle monsters (monsters will spawn and immediately disappear)
DNRATE Shows framerate
DNSCOTTY<episode(1-4)+level(01-11)> Warp to another level, i.e. DNSCOTTY205
DNSHOWMAP Reveals map
DNSKILL<level 1 - 4> Change skill level; restarts level, i.e. DNSKILL3
DNSTUFF All items, weapons, keys, ammo, and armor
DNUNLOCK Toggles all lockable doors, forcefields, etc.(only in registered version) Note: will lock normally-unlocked doors that have a lock on them.
DNVIEW Changes to third-person View
DNWEAPONS All weapons and ammo
DN1984 Works only in Hollywood Holocaust level 1, Mac version only. Causes 1984 Macintosh ad to play on the movie screen.

Nintendo 64[edit]

Cheats are input through a cheat menu. To activate everything, enter at the main menu:

Up dpad Up cLeft dpad Right c Down dpad Down c Right dpad Left c

To activate individually, first activate the cheat menu with:

Left dpad Left dpad L button L button Right dpad Right dpad Left dpad Left dpad

Then, use the following codes at the main menu to enable individual items:

Code Menu item
R button Right c Right dpad L button Left c Left dpad Right c Right dpad All items
R button R button R button R button R button R button R button Left dpad Invincibility
L button Left c Left dpad R button Right c Right dpad Left dpad Left dpad Right dpad No monsters
Left dpad Left dpad Left dpad Right c Right dpad Left dpad Left dpad Left c Level select

Like the PC version, invincibility gives an unlimited jetpack. Unlike the PC, it blocks shrink rays. As such, you'll need to disable it for parts of the level requiring you to shrink.

Only invincibility works at the main menu. To use the others, go into the game. Press Start button for the pause menu. Go to the cheats submenu, enable the appropriate codes, and press Start button again to return to the game.