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  • Par time: 2:30
  • 3D Realms best time: 1:26
  • Secrets: 5

You start the level facing a forcefield, approaching a landing bay. Turn around and get the small medkit if you need it, then enter the bay. There is a shotgun in the wall to your left. Get it and go through the door. Follow the hallway and go through the next door.

You will be in a room with a control panel to the left. Get the pipebombs from a hatch to the right of the panel; (secret) jump in and press open on the back wall for armor and a security monitor with the message "11:38". (secret) Get out and go through the open doors to your left to find ammo. Go to the high wall and flip the switch in the center to open the windows. Go to the right, get the night vision from the wall panel, and go through the doorway.

On the right is an Earth Defense logo; jump through it to find a portable medkit. (secret) Go up the ramp; the doors at the top will open as you approach them. Go toward the lit-up panel that rises ahead of you. To the left of it are two panels on the wall; press space on the right one to find a freezethrower and holoduke. (secret) Go to the left to the doors labeled "armory" for trip bombs, then turn around go up the ramp behind you.

As you enter the room, go straight ahead to two panels on the wall. Watch out for the turret mounted near the ceiling to your right. Open the right panel to find ammo. (secret) Turn left and get the atomic healths from the spinning platforms, and the chaingun on the floor. Be quick, as this area is electrified. Now turn around and go to the security monitor, showing a forcefield. Use the switch next to it to turn the forcefield off. Go back to the last room, then down the ramp. At the bottom, turn right to find the area where the forcefield was. Go through it.

Go ahead to the "Armory" doors for a RPG and ammo. Go down both hallways to clear out the eggs before they hatch, then go down the left hallway to a door on the right wall. Go through it. Get the yellow keycard at the bottom of the ramp. The barred door will not open, but take the time to shoot the visible eggs in the next area to stop them from hatching. Go back up, down the hallway, and around the other side to the yellow key door.

Go through the door, get the pipebombs, and to the left. Shoot any eggs you see through the window. Use the security monitor if you wish, and shoot the push switch set deep in the wall. Leave this room, and the wall to your left will now be down. Climb on it, and go left to the top for ammo. Go back to the hallway, and go around to the other side, where the wall is also down. Get the ammo at the top of this section, and jump in the water. You will be swept down to a landing.

Turn left and open the medic hatch to find a portable medkit and steroids. Look to the other side to see the now-open door that was by the yellow keycard. This is your way back up. Jump into the water.

Underwater are two openings. Go in the one on the left to find ammo. Exit and go in the other to find a devastator. Surface, turn around, and take out the turret high at the top-left of the wall. Swim to the far right of the green area to find a ledge leading up to an opening. Follow this to find a jetpack and come out at the top. Use the jetpack to get to the ledge where the turret was; open the back wall for pipebombs.

Jump down, surface, and swim to the front of the green area. Collect the shrinker ammo lying around, and go to the left side, where there is a switch mounted. Get the devastator ready, and flip the switch. A door will open to your right, filled with eggs. Take the eggs out, and go through to find a set of doors. Open the doors to find the level-end; push it to end the level.