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  • Par time: 9:10
  • 3D Realms best time: 5:00
  • Secrets: 6

You start on a platform overlooking goo. Get in the goo, and get out on the right ledge when you come to it. When you come to the edge, go around to the right side. Open the doors to find protective boots. Go back and jump over the falls to find a ramp leading down to the bottom.

Below the landing on the ramp is a large medkit and ammo. Go this way or down the ramp to the moving goo. Watch for the edge; when you come to it, jump to the left to avoid getting swept further downstream. Follow this path ahead, past a cactus. (Be careful not to touch the cactus, as it will hurt you. You can blow it up to avoid this.) Go to the end to get the blue keycard, then head back.

By the falls, follow the land sloping down to find a chaingun at the end. The blue key door is under the door where you got the boots. Head back up; jump up over the falling goo and swim against the current and to the left to get to it. Use the key and follow the path. There are medkits just inside the door to the left. Follow the paved path until you see a ledge with cacti and another ledge to your left. Don't try to jump up to the upper ledge; go to the left.

Follow this past up and to the left. You will cross a bridge; jump over the wide gaps, as you will fall through. At the end of the path is a portable medkit and ammo. The door here will not open. Go back and turn left to follow the path; it will take you to the upper ledge you saw. Jump across to it (watch the cacti). Follow this ledge to a plaque reading "San Andreas Fault". Press open on this sign, and watch it come true. After everything stops moving, go back to the beginning of the level, and again over the goo-falls.

Take the fork to the right of the slope of this if you need the medkit at the end; otherwise, jump the goo and keep right. You can also ride the goo; there's only a pistol between here and the bottom. At the bottom, grab the items to your left and head right to another area with more goo.

Jump down to your left- you'll need a jetpack if you want to get back up. Watch for more cacti. Jump the goo and go through the path to the left. Go up the steps to an open area with a window looking down where you just were. There is a passage going down in front, and a passage going up to your left. Go left.

At the top is a pit with a fire burning. To the left of the pit is pipe bombs. To the left of that is a section of wall that juts out; press open on its face to reveal steroids. (secret) The fire is a teleporter- jump into the pit and into the fire to go to another room. (secret) Get the atomic healths. Jump on the rock by the door (which doesn't work; it's the door by the bridge you saw earlier) and jump to the RPG ammo. (secret) Jump back through the fire. Press the handprint on the left wall to open a large area with a RPG. Get it, then press the other handprint to open a small door leading to a passage. Follow it, and you will drop into a room with a high ceiling.

There is a handprint high on the wall ahead of you, and another to your right. Push the one to your right to make steps rise from the floor. Climb the steps. At the top is a plus-shaped window and a ledge with a handprint. Jump up and hit the handprint to raise a platform under the first handprint you saw. Pressing this handprint also blasted a wall, allowing you to progress through the level. Be ready to move- you must jump from the platform under you to the floor, and jump on this new platform before it rises too far to reach. Press the handprint.

Shrink rays will start flying through the window. Get shrunk, and jump down to the floor. The tiny passageway is to your right facing the window, go through it. You will come out with water to your right; jump in and walk through the falling water to find a chaingun. In front of you are steps leading up to the room you came in from. Go back up, to a room on your left. Duck and push the handprint for a portable medkit. Go back to the steps, and go down to the right. Get the boots and head for the red area.

Get the medkit on the point if you need it, then take the land sloping town to get into the lava. Fly up to the shrink ray shooter, if you have a jetpack, for a special message. Stick to the right. Follow this wall around the corner until you see goo pouring into the lava. Get out on the ledge. Turn and face the wall. Jump onto the sloped ledge; you can reach it on the far right, at its lowest point. Follow the series of sloped ledges until you jump to the left, over the goo, to a ledge. Get the medkits and follow the path. At the wide spot, turn around to the right for boots. At the top, you will come to lava. Jump over the lava to the small piece of land in the middle of it. Press the handprint to open a passage above where the lava is pouring out, to the left. Jump up here and follow the lava to a passage; follow it to find a dancing woman and atomic healths. (secret) Go back. There are pipebombs back across lava, and a cracked wall behind them. Blow the wall and follow the passage. You will come out below the San Andreas Fault sign. (secret) You don't need to go around from here, unless you need ammo or health (be sure you don't- you're about to fight a boss).

Go back, and across the lava field to the solid land. Cross the area on the far side, and get the atomic health up and to the left. Keep going this way, along the path. You will come to a landing with a window (showing a green pyramid), and go down. At the next landing (with cracks in the floor), turn around to the left for a portable medkit. You can see an atomic health through one of the wall cracks; we'll get that later. The path continues from the far corner of the room.

You'll come to a section with pillars that must be jumped across. Be careful- the drop is enough to kill you. At the end is a large door to the left. Walk straight ahead, and press open on the wall. One section of wall will open to take you to the atomic health you saw earlier. (secret) Go through the door.

You will come to another door. It should open by itself; if not, use the switch to the right. Do not shoot this switch to close the door once you're through it, or you won't be able to get back. The switch just inside the door on the right will cause the wall ahead of you to rise, opening a hole in the floor. Drop through the hole. Hold the forward button to land on a ledge with ammo; jump across to another ledge with a RPG.[1]

Jump down. You will land in the middle of a circle, with a rail on one side and a door to the other. Go around the circle to get ammo from the two chambers on the sides. Press the switch to open the door; go through to face the boss.

L.A. Meltdown Boss[edit]

The boss is a larger form of the mini-bosses seen in other episodes. It will appear in a shower of fire on the far side of the room. It shoots a chaingun and mines- don't step on the glowing spheres, as they will explode. The boss can also step on you, so stay back. To end the episode, simply shoot to kill. There are atomic healths on the far side and RPG ammo where the lava meets the sides. Yo can also avoid being in line-of-sight with it by crossing the lava and getting on the other side. There is a platform by the door; a running jump from the lava will get you on it. There is ammo and a jetpack behind the women.

Piece of Cake
25 Gamerscore points
Piece of Cake
Complete "L.A. Meltdown" on any difficulty or in co-op.

Use the jetpack to keep out of step and mine reach, and shoot with the RPG. It takes about twenty direct hits. After killing it, watch Duke blast its brain out, read the text, and watch the title screen appear again.


  1. In the Nintendo 64 version, this will end the level. The remainder is in a separate level.