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Enemy Appearance Description
Assault Trooper Brown lizard in green vest Killed with one shotgun blast. Sometimes when shot, they will drop to the ground and shake their head; don't waste ammo- they won't get up in this instance. Some fly.
Assault Captain Brown lizard in red vest Like a trooper, but harder to kill and able to teleport.
Pig Cop Warthog in blue police uniform Use shotguns, which can inflict heavy damage at close range. Killed with two shotgun hits.
Pig Cop Patrol Vehicle Pig Cop in flying machine Will drop with one direct hit of an explosive weapon. When they crash, the pig cop will survive and must be killed.
Pig Cop Tank
(Atomic Edition only)
Pig Cop in green tank Can be killed through special trick: when it turns away, run up and press open on the nuke symbol on its back. It will make a sound like a tripbomb, and explode. The explosion can kill you, so keep back. Pig Cop will survive and must be killed.
Enforcer Lizard with a long nose in black Shots a chaingun and barfs green slime. About as tough as a pig cop.
Appears with the name "LIZMAN" in the editor.
Octobrain Octopus with a big head and three red eyes Shoots purple brain waves, which deal very heavy damage. Also bite up close. Takes several shots to kill with most weapons.
Protozoid Slimer Green blob; hatch from large eggs Attack by attaching to your face. A kick will kill one that is on you. If you spot an unbroken egg, it is ready to hatch a slimer- destroy the egg before it does.
Sentry Drone Flying black, metal blob Kamikaze- flies into you and explodes. Hard to kill; deals heavy damage if it gets to you before you kill it.
Assault Commander Fat blob on a flying disc These shoot rockets capable of killing, and will attack up close by spinning. Hard to kill; be ready to dodge rockets.
Protector Drone
(Atomic Edition only)
Brown lizard with visible ribs Slashes, dealing heavy damage, and shoots shrink rays. Hard to kill. If shrunk, run away before you get stepped on.

This creature is named "NEWBEAST" in the Build editor.