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Spin Cycle is a small secret level, suitable for multiplayer deathmatch. It consists of three features: the outer sections, the ring, and the center area.

The outer sections, labeled clockwise as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, contain a few items as well as a switch that opens the door visible from the paths to those sections. In addition to various ammo (mostly

  • Alpha, the starting location, contains a shotgun, pipeboms, a medikit, and ammo. In multiplayer, it contains the holoduke. The central platform has a chaingun cannon, and the dook contains Armor.
  • Delta, the next section following the central ring, contains a shrinker, shotgun, and an atomic health. In multiplayer, it also has a jetpack. An RPG can be found on the central platform.
  • Gamma contains a medikit and ammo. The central platform has a Freezethrower.
  • Beta contains an atomic health. The central platform has a shrinker, and the door behind it contains a medikit.

The ring contains a moving platform that turns counter-clockwise. The player is moved to the right to the Delta, Gamma and Beta sections, before returning to Alpha. Even though you are out in the open, the speed given by the conveyor allows you to easily dodge shots.

The central area is closed by four doors. To open each door, you need to flip the switch found within each of the outer sections. When the door opens, upto three enemy commanders will start to attack. To continue, you will need to flip the four switches behind each door.

Once all four switches are active, the exit will be unlocked, but there are two battlelords guarding it. However, the Devastator is now within reach and can be used to defeat them without problem. Commence the auto-destruct on the central pillar to win the level.


Even though this is a secret level, there are no secret areas.