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Note: In the Nintendo 64 version, this level is known as Gun Crazy.

  • Par time: 5:10
  • 3D Realms best time: 3:21
  • Secrets: 8

You enter on an elevator. It becomes stuck; press open to lower it fully. Enter the pornography store to the left; press open against the right side of the door, which revolves. Turn left and proceed to the back of the store. Turn left through the alcove to find a row of viewing booths. Open each one; some have garbage cans holding items. The last booth has a door instead of a screen; open it to reveal a RPG. Blast the cracked wall at the end of the hallway to get to the restroom. In the restroom, press open on the hand dryer by the sink to open a panel to the left of it, containing night vision goggles. Exit the restroom, and you're back in the main area.

Follow the shelves along the wall to your left. Press open on the one third from the left. It will swing open, revealing pipebombs and armor. (secret) Go to the front counter. Use the monitor and get the atomic health from the top of the shelf. Move along the shelf to the right, to the corner. Press open against the corner to reveal an area with a holoduke. (secret) Unlock the red door using the three switches next to it; the code is on/off/on. Proceed down the hallway, and enter the passage to the right of the elevator. At the back, get the atomic health, (secret) then go back out to the first hallway. Take the elevator.

In the next room, get the chaingun from the bed. Open the red door in the wall to get the blue keycard. Flip the switch by the window to lower a sign, then jump out the window. Use the silver vent running along the building to get to the ledge by the sign, to get the ammo left by the enemies that were there. Drop to the road.[1]

At this end of the road is the yellow key door. Go to the left of it to find an alcove. Enter the blue key, and four switches pop up. Enter the code off/on/on/off to reveal another switch; flip this and the building across the street will collapse.

Jump up at the left side of the building, and cross the area to find the yellow keycard. Also at this end is a manhole; blow it with an explosive, but don't fall down it at this time.

Go back to the yellow key door. Follow the passageway to a room with a pool table. Go to the left to the restroom; break the garbage can you pass for ammo. Enter the bathroom. There is a vent on the wall; this connects to the one you passed coming in. Go to the toilet, jump on it, and press open on the wall behind it to find a passageway leading to a sewer. Get the items here. At the far end of the sewer is an atomic health; above you in this area is the manhole you blew off earlier. (secret) Go back to the restroom.

Turn left at the lobby. Play pool all you want by pressing open against the side of the pool table, or shooting the pool balls. (They will shatter if hit with a large weapon.) When you've had your fill, go to the end of the room opposite where you entered, and take the first ramp to the right.

Shake It Baby
10 Gamerscore points
Shake It Baby
Tip an exotic dancer.

In this room (which resembles a bar), use the monitor, and go behind the counter. Duck and open the doors low on the wall to find the red keycard.[2] Go back the way you came, and turn right to follow the lit-up arrows. Enter the red key door.[3] This room is filled with women; do not shoot any or more enemies will appear. Wait for the wall-platforms with strippers to open; when they do, turn left and jump on the couch in the corner. Turn around and jump on the wall platform to the room that has opened (behind the girl in brown). (secret)

Go to the right and jump from the table to the vent high on the wall. (secret) You will pick up an atomic health before landing backstage. Use the monitor if you wish, then cross the stage and use the switch to open the curtain. Use the jetpack to get to the platform to the right of the switch, holding night vision goggles. (secret) Go to center stage, jump onto the high platform, and turn around to jump to the ledge. Go around the corner and press open on the light spot on the left wall, to find a portable medkit. (secret) At the end of the hallway, you will see the level-end button. Move toward it, and bars will slam down on both sides. A message will say "We're gonna fry your ass, Nukem!" and the level will end.


  1. Gun Crazy has doors on this part of the street, leading into Duke Burger. Ammo and items are available here. Jump the counter and hit the right cash register to open the door between the area behind the counter and the eating area.
  2. In Gun Crazy, you go down to the back of the restaurant. Press open on the cupboards on the far wall to get the red keycard. Use the switch next to the door to open it and gain access to the area behind the counter.
  3. On the N64: You will now be outside. Find the box ahead and to the right, with a handprint on the side. Hit the handprint to open the side of the box and get ammo. Turn around; to the right of the door you entered is a doorway leading into an office. Go into the office, jump on the desk, and enter the vent. This vent is the same as the one that takes you backstage. Rather than a curtain, there are roll doors. Use the crate to jump to the ledge, and the last section is the same.