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  • Par time: 5:15
  • 3D Realms best time: 2:58
  • Secrets: 4

You start at the top of a ramp. Note that the liquid is goo and will burn you. If you do not have boots, jump over the goo to the gap to the right, and follow the ramp up to the forcefield. There are boots in a compartment to the left of the forcefield. Go back to the starting point.

Go down the ramp. Walk through the goo to the drain at the far side. Flip the switch just to the right of it. Go up the ramp and across the goo to your left. The forcefield is now off. Get the boots here if you didn't need them before.

Go through the doorway. Follow the hallway past the pool of goo into an open room. Take the ramp on the left side. Watch out for the turret mounted above the doorway that was to your right as you first entered. At the top of the ramp, enter the combo on/off/on/on to open the door across the bridge. Go through the door and push the switch inside to turn off the forcefield that was opposite the way you came in. Use the monitor here to check for enemies, then head for the opening.

Go up the ramp to a ledge. Get the pipebombs from the alcoves to either side, push the switch to turn the lights on, and jump to the atomic health. If you make the jump, you can try to jump over again to save health, but the area is also reachable from the left side of the floor. Go to that ramp. At the top is a room with a security monitor. Go to the left to find a window overlooking an area outside. Put the blue keycard in the slot to open a door further up.

Go back the way you came. You will pass a switch to your right that controls the lights; use the jetpack to go straight up through a ceiling vent to find pipebombs. (secret) Go to the floor and up the other ramp. To your right is a hallway that leads to the final opening in the room you came from. Follow this. Push the button to gain access to the previous room; when you do, you will open a door in the pool of goo that you passed coming in. Go left to the hallway you'd come from, and jump in the pool of goo. (The goo only burns if you're on the surface, not swimming.) Go through the opening on your right and surface at the end, to find atomic healths and ammo. (secret) Go back to the big room, to the right, and through the doorway to the right at the top.

Open the doors straight ahead, marked "Restricted Access". Push the button here to turn on the lights, then go up the ramp to a control room overlooking a large set of doors. Get the red key, then push the button by the opening to open the doors. To the right of the computers, press open on the second wall panel, to find a room with armor. (secret) Head for the big doors.

You will be outside by a rocket. Head for the elevator to the left of the rocket. The elevator is open to the outside, so stand still to avoid falling. At the top, get the jetpack, check the monitor, then get in the teleporter. You will land in the rocket cockpit; put the red keycard in the slot and head back. You can descend faster than the elevator by jumping and using the jetpack before you hit.

Cross the area to a red-lit control room on the wall to the left of the big doors. Flip the switch here, and watch the rocket drop like a rock. Don't try to go up to the left to get into the cockpit again; the teleporter is now walled off. Instead, go to the right through the area where a red door used to be. Use this elevator to go down to the crash site.

To the left is the wrecked rocket; go behind it for a shotgun. Then follow the hallway the other direction. In the next room, look through the opening to kill any enemies you can see. Jump onto the computer panel and press open on the screens to open an area with three atomic healths. (secret) Flip the switch to the right of the monitors and get the boots. Go through the door that has opened behind you.

Float down the goo, and you'll find a green level-end to end the level.