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  • Par time: 5:35
  • 3D Realms best time: 3:41
  • Secrets: 10

You start in the electric chair- move forward immediately to avoid further health loss. You will now be without your weapons. Turn right and enter the viewing booth. Open the panel on the left to find a pistol. Push to the left of the window to lower the electric chair. Go behind the chair to find a shotgun. (secret) Go back to the viewing room; push the right button to open the curtain.

Break the glass if an enemy doesn't break it shooting at you. Go to the right to get a portable medkit. Push the button to unlock the barred door. Go back to the hallway you'd passed and follow it. Go left into the chapel. Stand at the back, just right of center facing front, and shoot the button above the stage. A pillar at the back will start to rise; if you positioned yourself correctly, you will be on it. If not, jump on it before it gets too high. Get the atomic health and armor. (secret)

Go to the stage; shoot out the stained glass to find steroids in the right window. Turn around, duck and press open on the lit-up podium. The room will turn red, the cross will turn upside-down (by means of lowering the horizontal opening) and the back of the left stained glass window will open. Go through the passage to find a mention of Doom and a chaingun. (secret) Go back through the chapel to the hallway.[1]

Follow the hallway to the corner; press open on the barred door to open it. In the cell, duck and press open on the bed to move it, revealing a passage to RPG ammo.[2] (secret) The hole in the wall leads only to a night vision message saying "BEHIND THE BABE". Go back to the hallway.

Proceed down the hallway. As you reach the end, a hole will blow in the wall. Go through it and jump to the lower rotating gear. Be careful not to fall, as you will die. Get the atomic health by jumping to the high gear and jumping to the ledge that leads to the atomic health. Don't jump at the atomic health from the lower gear- you won't make it. Jump to the ledge; get the RPG, then open the wall panel to get the blue keycard. Look at the security monitor to see that your execution was the star attraction.

Go back to the hallway. Follow it up the ramp to the blue key door. Open this and follow the hallway. Watch out for the tripbomb on the right wall. Follow the hallway up to find the yellow keycard in a room to the left. Before you get it, go down the hallway and dispatch any enemies. Watch for the tripbomb located like the last one.

Go to the yellow card room. Get the card. Walls will open filling the room with tripbombs; duck to get out. (If you missed any enemies before, they will come in and trip the lasers, blowing you all to pieces.) The large monitor here shows the end of the level- a submarine. Follow the hallway and blow the cracked wall at the end, revealing a passageway to an atomic health, and connecting to the hole in the cell you entered earlier. Go through the door to your left.

You will be in an inner room. To your right will be the red doors; ahead is a door out to the hallway you came from. Go down and to the left to find the yellow key door. The monitor to the right shows the enemies you are about to be up against. Go through the door. Use the monitor to see outside, and go through the next set of doors to find yourself outside.

Outside, watch for shots from the mounted turrets and enemies in the windows. The door in front of you is locked; jump on the sloped surface on either side to get to the upper ledge. On the wall that is the area above the locked door, jump on the sloped surface and walk forward to go through an invisible wall with three atomic healths. (secret) Blow the cracked wall in the side, and get the red keycard on the ground at the far end of the outside area.

Above the red key, by the edge of the ledge, is a cracked wall. Blow it, and jump into it from the ledge. (secret) The crack in here will give access to cell block 1; blow it, but don't go through.

Go back through the yellow door and open either red door. You will come to a wall and a switch; hit the switch to make the wall rotate. Be careful not to get squished in the turning wall, though this turning can be used to crush enemies.[3] Go inside and hit a visible switch to rotate the walls back. Go into the vent to find armor. Don't follow the vent all the way, or you will drop into the hallway- enough of a drop to lose health.

Opposite the vent is a red door. Open it to find four deployed tripbombs- use an explosive to detonate them. Be quick- the door closes fast. Cross the bridge and press open against the far wall to reveal a map. Panels open to either side; step slowly toward the railing until you walk up onto it, then jump into the holes. (secret x 2)

Go back to the vent. To the left and right are doors. Go to each one; inside is a security monitor and a switch. Use the switch to open a cell block; the two sides control the two cell blocks. Use the monitors to ensure the forcefields are down. Rotate the walls again, and go through the center to the outer hallway. The cell blocks are across from the yellow key room.

Go through the shower for ammo and health. Go into the left cell block (block 1). Blow the C-9 at the end (if it survived your earlier blast from the secret area) to open a hole to the hallway; if you drop down this way, you'll need a jetpack to get back up. Use the four-way switch where the forcefield was to open the cells; the first three positions open each cell, while the fourth is all-closed. Get the items from each cell.

Turn around and go to the other cell block (block 2). There is ammo at the end of the hallway. Use the four-way switch to open the cells as in the other block. Cell 2 has the hole you blasted earlier, from outside. Cell 3 is the last; go through the wall poster to find a tunnel.

Blow the two cracked walls blocking the tunnel. You can save ammo by shooting the pipebombs on the ground, but be careful of the resulting explosion. At the end is a goo-filled tunnel. Avoid the goo if you don't have boots. You will land by the submarine. Go to the left and up the path to find the locked door from earlier. Use the switch to unlock it. Jump on the sloped ledge above the switch and press open on the wall to find night vision goggles. (secret)

Go back to the submarine. Dive in the water and find the opening in the bottom of the sub. Notice the pipe bombs hiding in the seaweed near the rear of the sub. Enter the sub. Go to the back and hit open on the back wall to find a door into the engine room. (secret) Go back to the fron of the sub, and hit the level-end button to finish the level.


  1. On the Nintendo 64 version, the chapel is replaced by a row of cells and a video room with a door into the observation room you came through earlier. Ammo is scattered in this area.
  2. Night vision on the N64
  3. N64: There are no rotating walls, just a round room with all doors accessible.