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Duke Nukem 3D had the following releases.


  • 1.0: Duke Nukem 3D Unregistered Shareware; 29 January 1996
  • 1.1: Duke Nukem 3D Unregistered Shareware; 20 February 1996
  • 1.3D: Duke Nukem 3D Unregistered Shareware; 24 April 1996
  • 1.3D: Duke Nukem 3D Full Version; 19 April 1996 (released in stores in May 1996)
    • Changed the .DMO demo file header.[1]Jumping from 1 to 3d was done simply to use "3D" as the version number; there was no 1.2, and the "d" carried no special significance.[2]
  • 1.4: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition; 21 October 1996 (released in stores on 27 November 1996)
    • Achieved through installing Plutonium Pak addon to an unmodified copy of Full Version 1.3D. Changed the .DMO demo file header, added fourth episode "The Birth", added weapon Expander (press 7 twice to select it), added enemies Pig Cop Tank and Protector Drone, added boss Alien Queen.
  • 1.5: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition; 11 December 1996 (released in stores on 12 December 1996)
    • Fixed various bugs, such as a bug that prevented 1.4 from installing on systems with more than 64MB of RAM.[3]
  • Macintosh: Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition; 25 May 1997

Nintendo 64[edit]

Several changes were made for the Nintendo 64 release. These are:

  • Pornographic movies are replaced by clothed movie scenes.
  • Several sounds are changed to ones without profanity.
  • Steroids are known as "Vitamin X"
  • Many areas are re-arranged
  • Some weapons are different
  • Babes cannot be killed. Instead, they are saved by pressing open on them.
  • There are no episodes; players go through these levels:
    • All levels of L.A. Meltdown
      • Red Light District from L.A. Meltdown is known as "Gun Crazy". The pornography store and strip club are replaced by a gun store and Duke Burger, respectively.
      • The Abyss, split into two levels, "The Abyss" and "Battlelord". The player ends Abyss when dropping into the boss-fight room; Battlelord resumes with the player standing in the landing area.
    • Duke Burger from The Birth
    • All levels from Lunar Apocalypse
      • Overlord is split; the first part is "Dreadnought"; the boss room is "Overlord".
      • Spin Cycle is missing.
    • All levels from Shrapnel City
    • New multiplayer levels Castle Dukenstein, Piracy, Shaft, and Noctis Labyrinthus.


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