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You have now reached the second town on your adventure, Bilibin. You'll need to return here again later, but for now, just talk to as many residents of the town as possible. They will tell you about a cursed tree in the nearby Kolima Forest that is rumored to be able to turn men into trees. While you're here, though, search all the boxes, jars, and barrels in the city for items and money and take advantage of the shops here to upgrade your characters' equipment as much as possible. If you need to, rest at the inn.

McCoy's Hidden Warehouse[edit]

By moving the statue in the center of town, you will reveal a hidden tunnel beneath it. You can see a Jupiter Djinni from the entrance, but it's unreachable from this point. To get it, go up the stairs on the right side of the town, walk along the fortification around the wall until you reach the ground on the other side. You will see a pile of leaves, much like the one at the entrance of Goma Cave. Use Whirlwind and enter. Here, you'll see a set of stairs going down, and then come out in the warehouse once again. Use Move to move the statue out of the way, then jump across and talk to the Djinn. He will join you without a fight. Set Gust, your new (and first) Jupiter Djinni to Ivan.

McCoy's Palace[edit]

At the north of town is a path leading to McCoy's palace. McCoy is the leader of Bilibin, and he is concerned about the goings-on in Kolima. First, head over to the left and use Catch to grab the Nut out of the tree. Then talk to the guards; it may take some convincing, but eventually they will ask if you want to see McCoy and help out. Say Yes to enter the Palace. Before heading down the red carpet to meet him, however, take a moment to peer in all the barrels and boxes here. You can even head upstairs into towers right now, so do so and get all the loot (Namely, the top of the southwestern tower and the area at the Northeastern section where women are cooking.) Once you've finished exploring, head down the center path, where McCoy is waiting. The guard will tell him about you, and after an interview, he briefly offers the key to pass the barricade, enabling you to reach Kolima, but then takes it back after a crisis of conscience. After this, the guard will escort you out, but on the way he slips you a valuable piece of information: the barricade is so weak that you may not even need the key to get through. Once you've stocked up, leave the palace and the whole town.

Bilibin Barricade[edit]

Head southeast out of Bilibin to reach the barricade. The residents certainly didn't exaggerate; it's a shoddy wall built out of boxes. Fortunately for adepts, these aren't much of a problem. Stand in front of the locked door and use Move on the box sticking out. it will reveal a side path. go on through, and exit the area. Soon you will be at Kolima.


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Bilibin (After the restoration)[edit]

At the Barricade, if you chose to save the tree-person, she will give you a Hard Peanut, which increases a characters' base Defense, as soon as you pass by. If not, you will see the other two children sulking miserably about the third child's death.

Back in Town, the guards arrest you when you enter and take you to see McCoy. The arrest was just a ruse to get them to return to Bilibin; he actually wants to reward you and apologize for underestimating you earlier. A Guard will take you to his treasure room where you may pick one reward. The one on the left is a Vial, next to that is a Potion, next to that is a Psy Crystal, and on the far right is a Water of Life. The most valuable of these, monetarily, is the Psy Crystal, while the most useful is undoubtedly the Water of Life. If you're short on money, pick the Psy Crystal; otherwise, go for Water of Life. Now, you can finally move on to the next new area, Fuchin Temple.