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Lalivero is a small town on the east coast of Gondowan. This is the last city you'll visit on the main quest.

Before Lalivero[edit]

Before you reach Lalivero, you will have to pass in front of Venus Lighthouse. There are soldiers and scholars lying all over the place; Saturos' group has already come here and left. One of the defeated scholars says that Kraden noted this is not the correct entrance. Inside, there is a scholar laying on the ground, a chest on the opposite side across a gap, and a wall in the center with designs on it. Use Reveal to see a hidden staircase, and descend to get the Carry Stone, which grants the Psynergy Carry. Go back up the stairs, then through the door at the rear of that room. In here, take the left path through a door, and walk through that room to another door. This is the previous room, but near a block. Use Carry to drop the block over the edge onto the ground below. You can go upstairs and see electrical charges blocking the path. use Reveal to show another staircase going up next to the one you just came from.

This room has a long platform leading to a wider area with many "holes" in the floor. They are covered, so you cannot fall through them. Head north and talk to the statue. After the statue's speech, several of the "holes" will light up; this is in reality a map of how to reach the REAL entrance to Venus Lighthouse. go back to the third room of the lighthouse and head down the right path. Jump across four platforms left, then two south, one right, one south, two right, and then south until the end. Now, go up a set of stairs to the treasure chest in the second room, containing the Lucky Cap. Once you have it, you can leave the area.


At Lalivero, the guards have once again been trampled by Saturos. A cutscene with them begins, and you discover that they have now added Sheba to their captives. Once the scene ends, walk to the left and enter the house. Inside, climb the ladder. On the roof, jump over to the wall and walk along it until you reach a green vine. Climb down to get a treasure chest containing the Warrior Helm, then go back. In the center, check the obelisk for a Psycrystal.

The weapon and armor shops here, being the last in the game, have by far the best equipment. Be ready to spend a lot for your nearly-final upgrades. In the equipment shop, you can climb a ladder to the roof. From here, you can jump on a different section of the wall. Follow the wall all the way to the left, onto the roof of a house. Jump across to the next building, then climb a vine to grab the final Fire Djinni, Torch. On your way back to the ladder, climb the other building with a vine for a Water of Life hidden in the top left jar. When you're ready, you can head on to Babi Lighthouse.