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Three years later...

The next part of the game begins three years after the prologue. You are treated to a long cut scene that lays the background for the events that you have missed.

After the long cut scene, both Garet and Jenna join your party, and you are sent to find Kraden’s Cottage. Go north and cross the bridge, and then go south, down the stairs and then go left to the next area. Move a bit further south to trigger another cut scene.

The two mysterious people that defeated you three years ago threaten you again, but this time, your appointment with Kraden saves the day, and they reluctantly let you pass. Go up the stairs, and talk to Kraden.

Kraden decides that today, you will visit Mt. Aleph and Sol Sanctum. Climbing Mt. Aleph is forbidden, so you will have to evade the elders!

The Sol Entrance, the entrance to Sol Sanctum.

Go back to the last area you were in, and head north. Go back across the bridge, and go up the stairs, then left. When you walk behind the tree, an elder will ambush you and shoo you away with a warning. Wait until he is as far right as he goes, then run (hold the B button) left and go north, to the Sol Entrance. Go north again, and enter Sol Sanctum through the big doors.


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

Do not read further until clearing Vault Cave.

Return to Vale[edit]

After reaching Kalay and going through Vault Cave, you may as well come home and visit. As you walk north through the town, you'll see some leaves on the cliff face. Use Whirlwind to clear them, and then enter the door. Inside is a treasure chest containing Power Bread. Exit and climb up a few stairs. On the top level, go to the right and enter the Barn that was locked before. Inside is a Psynergy stone, and you can use Reveal to see that a few of the Chests and Barrels contain items. One has a Vial, and the other contains 123 coins. Leave the barn. Go through the left path and visit Isaac's house to initiate a short cutscene with his mother. You can also walk north to Garet's house and visit his family as well to start another cutscene. Remember to talk to his brother and sister who are outside also, as each one has their own cutscene. Once you've finished up here, head left and visit Kraden's house.

Instead of going up the stairs to Kraden's home, stay on the lower level and walk all the way to the left, near the boy. Use Lift on the boulder and you can pass through the fence. It leads to a new map which has a door going into Vale Cave.


Vale Cave[edit]

Inside the cave, walk north, and go left until you are standing on a platform in the water. Use Reveal to jump across a hidden platform to the other side. Go through the door on this side, and in this room go north along the platforms. Use Move on the box resting on the shore to pull it into the water, then walk across. Go south through the door. Grab the treasure chest, and note the Jupiter Djinni on the cliff below you. Go back into the previous room, push the box into the water once more and jump to the left shore, where another box is located. Slide this one into the water as well, then jump across the path it created until you are standing on one of the floating logs. Roll it to the right, then go through the door. Go down the left path, and follow it to a door on the south. Go through to find yourself in the room with logs. Push the one on this side into the water, and then jump across to the opposite side and push that log in. Walk south along where the log was and slide down the wall. Push the log on the floor, and it will roll across the other two to the far end of the water, creating a path. Take this to reach another area and go through the door. This will take you to the room with the Jupiter Djinni once more. Walk north, climb a ladder, and open the treasure chest to get the Halt Gem, which, when equipped, will enable the user to cast Halt. Then, walk towards the Jupiter Djinni. It will panic and jump down. Slide down after it, and it will run to the opposite side of the rocks. You can chase it for hours in a senseless game of tag, but instead stand on the side opposite it and cast Halt. Once you do, it will be temporarily disabled, enabling you to grab Kite. This Djinn is extremely useful, as it allows a member of the party to attack twice in the following turn. Go through the door and exit the cave. Halt can also be used on NPCs for a little entertainment.