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Although he now has the Focus and the stronger secretion from the eggs, Cor Kalom will still complain that there are things missing. Namely, the Novice Talas was supposed to retrieve a book called the Almanac from the Old Camp, needed for the invocation. On his return trip, he was mugged by Black Goblins who stole the book from him.

You will find Talas on the temple grounds, near the entrances. He's usually in the company of two other nameless Novices, talking. Ask Talas about the Almanac and ask him to guide you to where he was mugged so you can retrieve the book. He'll guide you out of the Sect Camp, up the hill, and to a beach area where there are/were Lizards and a rope bridge. Talas will tell you that the Black Goblins live on the other side of the rope bridge and that he only came along as a guide and for "spiritual support."

The Almanac quest is one of the more difficult early quests you will receive, all because of these pesky Goblins. Just across the bridge, about ten Black Goblins lay in wait to attack you when you get close enough and it is hard to knock them unbalanced to chain attacks, especially when multiple ones charge you at once, as will happen. You can lure the bridge-side Black Goblins away in small groups or individually if you play carefully, making this part of the quest easier, but, once inside the cave on the other side of the bridge, there is no luring. As soon as you enter the cave and begin fighting one Black Goblin, EVERY Black Goblin in the cave will make a beeline for your position. You may be able to break-up their group by running back out and trying to cross the bridge, losing their interest, but this quest should prove difficult either way.

The book is in a chest in the furthest right chamber of the small cave system. Once you have the Almanac, report back to Talas, return to the Sect Camp with him, and he'll tell you to report to Cor Kalom with the book.