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Monster Experience Drops/Loot Recommended Level
Meatbug 10 Meatbug Meat x1 1
Juvenile Scavenger 40 Raw Meat x1 1
Juvenile Molerat 40 Raw Meat x1 1
Scavenger 50 Raw Meat x2 2
Molerat 50 Raw Meat x2 2
Goblin 60 Weapon - (Nail Club) 2 - 4
Bloodfly 70 Wings x2 (Skill - Removal slings) 3 - 4
Lizard 80 Claws x4 (Skill - Removal of Claws) 3 - 4
Wolf 90 Skin x1, Teeths x2 (Skills - Removal of: Skins & Teeth) 4 - 5
Black Goblin 120 Weapon - (Nail Club) 5 - 7
Lurker 170 Claws x2, Skin x1 (Skills - Skinning & Removal of Claws) 5 - 7
Dam Lurker ~500 Dam Lurker Claws x1, Claws x2, Skin x1 (Skills - Skinning & Removal of Claws) 5 - 7
!Where to find a Teachers of Skills!
!Every Hunting skill cost 1 Skill Point!
_Drax_ (Basic Skills)
Skills may take from the Drax. He's stand together with Ratford. They may met at the path from beginning of the game to the Old Camp.
_Aidan_ (Basic Skills)
Also skills giving hunter near Cavalorn (Turn right and walk forward, when walk to the Old Camp from beginning of the game, and you find Cavalorn). If walk from hut of Cavalorn to the right and forward, you find Aidan. Warning! Here you meet a Wolfs and Scavengers.
_Wolf_ (Trade - "Book of Skill")
Find him may in the New Camp. He's will be in a big Cave, right from the big ring with magic stands and "treasure" in the center.
Note: "The Bloodflies" cost 150 oir.
_Templar_ (Teach how to remove Mandibles)
He's in the Old Mine. Just move forward and right near Trader.
-You may knew about teachers from Merchants or Rogues in the New Camp-